Dreamliner, Carnival, Margaritas and Hollywood

After a great day enjoying the very relaxed Jamaican hospitality at Rick’s Café to watch the cliff diving, beach and rum with a little Bob Marley thrown in, it was time to re-board.

Turkey – I’ll be back

We stopped at a quaint little restaurant for lunch on the way, the view was incredible, vines of fresh fruit surrounded the property, and we were given fresh figs and grapes to try, amazing!

Hoi An – The Foodie Paradise

Mr. Son brews his own beer and is approx. 40cents per beer! Great to sample local dishes such as white rose dumplings, fried wontons, fresh spring rolls, Cao Lau. Communal dining.

Secret Slovenia

Cycling the abandoned tunnels though the centre of a mountain with head torches for guidance is something you’d rarely have the opportunity to do anywhere in the world and it’s a memory you will never forget.

The Serenity of Fiji

The snorkelling just out the front of the resort was a memorable experience with the island being surrounded by protected Marine Sanctuary boasting many colourful tropical fish.

From Russia with love

The three-hour trip between cities was convenient and comfortable, particularly as we travelled in First Class. Check-in involved a security check point for your luggage with duty-free sales available.

I left my footsteps in Italy

The San Petronio Basilica was very interesting; it’s amazing how they built the church around the St Petronius Meridian line which is the longest indoor meridian line in the world.

Amaseganalehu Ethiopia

Several gates mark the entrance to the ancient city, at each gate traders compete to sell fruits, vegetables, coffee and the ubiquitous khat. Virtually the entire population of Harar is on khat.

Cambodia – You took my breath away

At the crack of dawn with, torch in hand, off we went to Angkor Wat – one of the world’s greatest temples. This was something I had always wanted to see.

Ecuador – An unexpected delight

We walked through an area of cacti and Manzanillo trees to Garrapatero Beach where we did a couple of hours of kayaking and saw lots of sea turtles and crabs baking in the sun.