Travel Solutions

Policy. Awareness. Measurement.

Position your business for the future by having a company travel policy with the focus on sustainability. Seeking solutions to achieve business goals while meeting sustainability targets at the same time is the future most businesses are looking at.

Travel Policy

While many businesses have the desire to become more sustainable, the lack of (comprehensive) company travel policy and how-to knowledge in sustainability, are major challenges for businesses to overcome. As the world’s only B Corp certified Travel Management Company, Reho Travel can assist our clients to develop a more sustainable travel policy. Having a company travel policy developed with the focus on sustainability over the traditional cost-saving basis, will allow businesses to position themselves with a positive edge for the future. A good place to start is by developing partnerships with like-minded companies / organisations with similar values, to enable smoother implementation of sustainable policies. We also aim to educate our suppliers in the value of improving their supply chain.


Sustainability is a journey. Many of us are trying to make better choices in our day-to-day lives that add up to a better result for the planet. Your travellers are no different, so start empowering them with the information they need to make greener choices when booking their travel. Providing information about the carbon impact of different flight options, including the relative emissions of different classes, makes it easy for your travellers to identify and select lower impact booking options.


Good data drives better decision making. Account for factors like cabin class, accommodation type, or specific ground transportation options, so you have a clear picture of the true impact of your company’s business travel. The ideal way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint is to give your travellers access to the most granular data possible and make it visible at the time of booking.

Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting is a critical component of an organisation’s environmental strategy; a measurable and credible way to neutralise an organisation’s greenhouse emissions. You can choose how to offset your total carbon footprint through your company’s offsetting partner, or Reho Travel can customise an offsetting solution that specifically matches the regions your travel impacts.

Carbon Reporting

When it comes to climate change, our planet needs us to do more to help restore its natural balance. Which is why Reho Travel automatically records and reports on your CO2 emissions, with an integrated offset process within the booking flow of your corporate booking tool.


Beyond the obvious benefits of reducing emissions and supporting the planet, a carbon offset program can also help to increase employee satisfaction, providing reassurance to your workforce that their employer aligns with their values.