Mobile App

Accessible. Instant. Detailed.

Say hello to happier travellers with the mobile app that thinks ahead for them. Free to download on iOS and Android, Zeno’s native mobile app brings all the enjoyment and ease of leisure travel – while supporting travel managers in their duty of care, delivery of cost control, and corporate policy compliance.


It’s now easier than ever for travellers to book their entire trip, from anywhere. With Zeno Mobile, they can simply select their destination of choice, travel dates, and preferred arrival and departure times in a matter of seconds. A complete itinerary is recommended on-screen based on traveller preferences and booking history, aligned with company policy and preferred suppliers. Flight information is enriched with Routehappy data to help travellers make informed decisions and offer a next-level online booking experience.


Complete itineraries can be accessed offline to ensure travellers get the information they need, even while on-the-go. Once online, travellers can name upcoming trips and drill into further details such as their baggage allowance, seat legroom, or meals, and easily set meal preferences or request a seat via Zeno Mobile. For any queries, or in the event of an itinerary change, your designated consultant can be contacted directly from the app.


From booking to returning home, travellers are kept up to date each step of the way. Once a journey is booked, Zeno mobile will send updates on its approval status – while approvers can be contacted from the app for pending items. Travellers receive alerts for flight delays, cancellations, or gate changes, and are prompted to contact their designated consultant where needed. What’s more, they’ll receive online check-in reminders, prompts to leave for the airport, and alerts when they’re headed to the wrong airport based on GPS location.

Travel Concierge

Minimises Disruption

With travel comes disruption. Flight delays, gate changes, missed stopovers, lost luggage, and all the other “fun” surprises. Zeno Mobile was designed with this in mind, bringing critical information front-and-centre and keep travellers connected every step of the way. With real-time alerts, travellers can easily stay across sudden changes and contact their designated consultant directly from the app when things go wrong. Better yet, travellers can reduce further stress by keeping tabs on their luggage as soon as they get off the plane. Zeno Mobile’s bag locator, uses Bluetooth beacons to track one or more bag locations and exact distance when in range.