Leisure Travel

Reho Travel has been helping travellers connect with friends and family and explore the world since 1979.

With our roots in England, Reho Travel started out in Australia as a retail travel agency initially focused entirely on sourcing the lowest possible airfares for travel from Australia to UK/Europe to visit friends and family. As we developed, more of our customers started asking for short breaks in the region, then longer, more complicated holidays throughout the world. Clearly impressed by our service, this soon led to corporate referrals and before we knew it, we had grown into a fully-fledged travel management company. Now our large base of corporate customers also trust us to look after their personal travel.

Knowledge and Value

Whether it’s to chill out on a beach or have an active action-packed getaway, we consider and research the best options so your expectations are met from the start to the end of your holiday or adventure. If your consultant hasn’t experienced a destination or stayed in a particular hotel, there is a good chance one of the other team members has. 

Our team will do more than just put your bum on a seat. We will make sure your various needs are considered, such as luggage, seating, contact details, documentation, frequent flyer numbers, dietary requirements, and any special medical needs. You will be constantly updated, both before and during travel, with schedule changes and itinerary updates. 

Our Leisure consultants will always provide all-inclusive quotes with no hidden charges. Many online portals may initially show a low basic airfare, however more fees are added the further you proceed. Our global partnerships provide enormous buying power, which means we can access the lowest airfares in the market place. We also use a network of niche operators that focus on select areas who have an expert team in their office as well as a trusted network of operators on the ground.  


We recognise that our role is to help you reduce the impact of your travel.

Our team are aware that flying has a negative effect on the environment and contributes to climate change. However several airlines are now operating the Boeing 787 Dreamliner which is a technological marvel. It’s built largely of carbon-fibre composites rather than aluminium, which makes it significantly lighter than other planes. Its braking, pressurization, and air-conditioning systems are run not by hydraulics but by electricity from lithium-ion batteries. It uses twenty per cent less fuel than its peers, and so is cheaper to run, yet it also manages to have higher ceilings and larger windows. Ask one of our team to identify airlines that operate this aircraft and you will be contributing to a better environment, you could also reduce jetlag as the aircraft is pressurised at a lower cabin altitude. 


Reho Travel is committed to influencing the travel industry to consider the entire supply chain. We would like to see an industry where customers are choosing an airline for its low fuel consumption, a hotel in the developing world for its labor practices, and a tour company that involves the local community, booking them all with a travel agency that has the awareness and experience to guide them toward suppliers that have a positive impact on the world. Please let your consultant know if you would like them to construct a holiday for you based on these principles. 


Reho Leisure draws on our 44 years of retail experience with a focus on ensuring that our corporate travellers receive the same benefits and qualified advice when they are arranging a holiday.

Collectively, our team has travelled to over 120 countries and is well aware of the many factors they need to take into account. Once we have clarified your budget and identified the type and style of holiday that is best for you, we use our extensive network to source and suggest options that meet your needs. With careful planning we help to eliminate the fiddly stuff that can be both time consuming and confusing, to create a seamless well flowing itinerary.

Using our experience in the industry, in combination with the vast amount of travel we have done, we pre-empt the many problems that can occur.

Our Promise

Over the years, our business continues to grow organically through repeat and referral business. You can trust our team to manage all elements of your travel in an efficient, cost effective and ethical manner.