Pre-Trip Approval

Security. Compliance. Control.

Pre-trip approvals are a vital function for ensuring travellers adhere to travel policy, and in assisting organisations to retain control. Pre-trip approval provides insights into travel spend by employee before tickets are issued. It assists with duty of care management by providing a primary overview of travel planned to high-risk destinations.


The dashboard employs advanced technology to keep the traveller informed pre-trip, by highlighting travel risks by destination. Travel arrangers can easily view all trips / requests for travellers on a dashboard with just one click.


Reho Travel provides various pre-trip approval options for both domestic and international travel. In a few simple steps organisations can have the ability to pre-approve airfare, accommodation, and car hire bookings before any money is spent. This can be configured for pre-approval by managers or travel arrangers.


Reho Travel’s automated approval technology allows organisations to simplify the approvals workflow and align travel approval with the expense approvals workflow. With a single workflow for all trip expenses approvals happen faster, which is good for travellers and managers.