Pre-Trip Approval

Security. Compliance. Control.

Pre-trip approvals are a vital function for ensuring travellers adhere to travel policy, and in assisting organisations to retain control. Pre-trip approval provides insights into travel spend by employee before tickets are issued. It assists with duty of care management by providing a primary overview of travel planned to high-risk destinations.


The dashboard employs advanced technology to keep the traveller informed pre-trip, by highlighting travel risks by destination. Travel arrangers can easily view all trips / requests for travellers on a dashboard with just one click.


Reho Travel provides various pre-trip approval options for both domestic and international travel. In a few simple steps organisations can have the ability to pre-approve airfare, accommodation, and car hire bookings before any money is spent. This can be configured for pre-approval by managers or travel arrangers.


Reho Travel’s automated approval technology allows organisations to simplify the approvals workflow and align travel approval with the expense approvals workflow. With a single workflow for all trip expenses approvals happen faster, which is good for travellers and managers.
Plant Ark chose Reho Travel because of their focus on sustainable travel, which is an important point of difference with other providers. By providing Sustainable Travel Solutions they are demonstrating a commitment to tackling climate change within the travel industry.
Claire Bell
Head of Operations
Planet Ark Environmental Foundation
Our team has recently partnered with Reho, I can positively say this has been the best decision we have made for our company. Their professionalism and dedication in getting back to us has ensured that our people get home in time to see their families and has also ensured that our business flows smoothly.
Leyanda Magodora
Managing Director
YLM Services Pty Ltd
I have been both a corporate customer and a personal customer of RehoTravel for over 10 years. The Reho team always goes above and beyond to provide the best travel experience possible. One of the ways that customers receive great service is using the Mobile App. Service and information at your fingertips. Anytime. Anywhere.
Jo Madden
HR Manager
Reho Travel Self Booking Tool Serko is an efficient, easy tool to use which offers a great selection of flights, accommodation and hire car bookings with a user-friendly approval process.
Marsha Gibson
Senior AdministratorEO