Analytics. Intelligence. Benchmarking.

Corporate Travel is a strategic investment. Our user friendly and intuitive business intelligence dashboards help you gain powerful insights into your travel expenditure, policy compliance, budgeting, and purchasing decisions.


Reho Travel’s reporting dashboard allows you to access traveller and related trip information, which can be downloaded if required. Users can easily set budgets, benchmark, drill down, monitor trends, identify the cost of booking changes, locate their travellers, and identify travel policy compliance by reason code.


Data reveals details of your travel management habits. Details of overspending, travel policy non-compliance, along with areas for time and money savings are all visible through your travel data. Reho Travel’s reporting and analytics team have the expertise to interpret and translate your data into savings, improvements, and smarter business decisions.


Our team proactively search, identify, and offer cheaper alternatives. Achieving significant savings for you and pinpointing areas and behaviours to drive cost savings. Smarter insights allow for easy benchmarking against industry standards to enhance supplier negotiations.

Report Options

Complete and transparent details of your travel spend. Ability to track and manage corporate expenditure. Summary reports including airfare, accommodation, rental car, transaction fees, ancillary and traveller expenditure are all standard reports within the application. Clearly identify the cost of booking changes, and non-compliant travel bookings to bring them in line with the company travel policy. Carbon emission reports are easily captured so that you can manage your companies carbon footprint.


Organisations expect data to be precise. However, it rarely is especially when humans are involved. Travel Analytics is designed to detect and correct errors as data is imported into the application. This ensures we can take a deep dive into your travel management data and pull up actionable insights that will lead to big results. Which means humans can continue to be humans while we focus on delivering accurate reports for your organisation.