Productivity. Safety. Visibility.

Welcome to, the leading customised travel platform that integrates individual traveller profiles and all travel systems, streamlining the travel process. ​Rich with functionality, offers a myriad of productivity, safety, and visibility enhancements.

Profiles Profiles are personalised, intuitive, integrated into the platform, and will automatically synchronise with your Online Booking Tool (OBT). An easy to access and intuitive user interface manages all necessary personal information including supplementary data such as passports, visas, credit cards, memberships, and travel preferences. The system automatically syncs with your OBT and integrates with your expense management to ensure synchronisation and accuracy of data.

Intelligence Intelligence offers single sign-on accessibility to Travel Analytics, our industry leading business intelligence platform, delivering you full visibility of your travel program and data.​

Trips Trips allows travellers and travel arrangers to easily view all current, past and future trips. Importantly, Trips provides travel alerts to highlight warnings related to itinerary destinations.

Request Request is a fast and accurate way of creating travel requests so both the approver and Reho Travel clearly understand the travel requirements. Request provides travellers and travel arrangers with a configurable easy to use travel request solution, which automatically manages the request based on the organisations desired workflow. When creating a new travel request, our Duty of Care system will actively monitor selected destinations and trigger alerts based on real-time risk ratings – to ensure the traveller, travel arranger or approver are fully aware of travel related or health risks.

Credits Credits provides visibility of your unused tickets to travellers and travel arrangers, sending alerts as the expiry dates approach.

COVID-19 COVID-19 Snapshot provides an overview of live entry restrictions and quarantine information for every country.​ COVID-19 Detail allows you to access live detailed information related to quarantine and Covid-19 test requirements for every country.​

Care Care focuses on keeping your travellers safe by providing sophisticated traveller tracking, visibility to all travellers in current and future destinations, travel alerts, and easy communication including two-way SMS. Care is integrated with ATPCO and has been accepted as part of the Routehappy Bridge Labs for innovation. This exciting development provides a link to the safety and hygiene initiatives of over 120 global airlines – displaying their practices in a graphical format for easy reference. In conjunction with other initiatives at Reho Travel, this development is in collaboration with airlines and other suppliers to restore confidence in global travel.