Colombia with Intrepid – Shez Katrak

From bustling Bogota to the exotic Caribbean and the scenic Cocora Valley. A journey filled with cultural exploration and natural wonders, with a captivating blend of cultural immersion, breathtaking landscapes, and heartwarming encounters that showcase the beauty and charm of Colombia.

Disneyland – Tips and Tricks

Lots of planning and preparation went into how best to tackle the two parks of the Disneyland Resort (Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park), including You Tube tips and tricks videos, Facebook Disney tips and tricks pages, website recommendations and more!

Sustainable Slovenia

Slovenia has been actively promoting sustainability initiatives and responsible tourism to preserve its pristine natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Surprising Oregon

First stop was Portland, where we spent 3 nights. This is a great town with lots of things to see and do! This is definitely a foodie destination!

So Many Rocks in Morocco

On our walks we had a lot of interaction with the locals, women washing their clothes in the river, shepherds herding their sheep and goats; women working in the fields; women weaving rugs.

Good things come to those who wait

From Puerto Pollenca we wound through the olive tree dotted countryside on the smoothest of roads. Within 20 minutes we were engulfed by rocky mountains, twisting up past pine trees.

A road to Zanzibar

There were many Zebra crossings in the park, seeing them in the wild, their gentle mannerisms and beautiful colouring was an experience. We were also so fortunate to see a black rhino.

My Magical Maple Moments

The Public Market is a must see experience especially the way I experienced it on a foodie tour. Our private guide cum chef, who shops there regularly, knew all the good stalls selling fresh produce.

Dreamliner, Carnival, Margaritas and Hollywood

After a great day enjoying the very relaxed Jamaican hospitality at Rick’s Café to watch the cliff diving, beach and rum with a little Bob Marley thrown in, it was time to re-board.