All I want for Christmas

After nearly 2 years of the international borders being closed due to Covid-19 the Reho Travel team reveal their dream destinations for 2022.

‘Twas the time before Covid

A Christmas poem recalling the year that was 2020 themed on the original “‘Twas the night before Christmas” presented by the Reho Travel Team.
Written by Karsten Horne

Forgot my pants

Forgot my pants is a song that echos the frustrations of being in lockdown, unable to leave his suburb to go shopping and the realisation that if the world is going to end, what’s the point in wearing pants.

One Minute Travel Memory

Twelve of the Reho Travel Team of experienced consultants recall their favourite travel memories. Over the years they have visited a wide range of exotic countries and experienced some amazing adventures in every continent.

Viaje a lo Anticipado

Karsten has sourced footage from around the world, combined with his own footage to create another beautiful music video that highlights the natural beauty of our earth and continuing the theme which focuses on the fact that we need to start paying more respect to the places we travel to.

Travel Through Anticipation – The Song

On the back of a series of inspiring videos Reho Travel’s CEO Karsten Horne has stepped it up an extra notch, collaborating with emerging Singer Songwriter Alessandro Frosali to pen a wonderful tune.

Travel Through Anticipation

Reho Travel’s CEO Karsten Horne has released the fifth video in his Rehome Travel series which showcases relatively unknown places from a local’s point of view.

Poetry in Motion

In “Poetry in Motion” the fourth episode of the Rehome series Karsten shares his memories from a time when we could all fly long haul. In each verse he describes the moment in one hand and cleverly balances it with the emotion he is feeling at the time.

Staying Fit to Travel

Reho Travel’s CEO Karsten Horne is well known as a bit of a fitness freak, so there’s no surprise that he set up the empty Melbourne office as a spartan inspired training circuit.

Open Arms

What do a Canadian Beauty Queen, a former Georgian Rock Star, a Green Tea Master, two Olympic flag bearers and various tour guides have in common? Just like you, they are not going anywhere!