# traveltochangetheworld

Viaje a lo Anticipado

Karsten has sourced footage from around the world, combined with his own footage to create another beautiful music video that highlights the natural beauty of our earth and continuing the theme which focuses on the fact that we need to start paying more respect to the places we travel to.

Written by Alessandro Frosali and Karsten Horne and performed in Spanish by 3 x Latin Grammy nominated artist – Alethia.

Alethia is a Colombian singer and songwriter who is known for her unique style which includes elements of reggae, jazz, blues, soul and bolero. She wrote her first song at 8 years of age and soon moved up through the ranks, starring in the long running Colombian Children’s ensemble “Clara Luna”. She then went on to reach the finals of “The Voice – Colombia” and released her first EP under the pseudonym “Hada” whilst still a teenager. Since then she has released several songs that are garnering her a strong following on JJJ Unearthed and Spotify.