Pre-Trip Approval

Pre-trip approvals are a vital function for ensuring travellers adhere to travel policy, and in assisting organisations to retain control. Pre-trip approval provides insights into travel spend by employee before tickets are issued. It assists with duty of care management by providing a primary overview of travel planned to high-risk destinations.

Cost Saving Solutions

Our team will use their experience, local knowledge, and contacts to ensure the best deal is achieved on every single booking. This personalised local approach, combined with our regional network and global network ensures that every booking is made with confidence.


Corporate Travel is a strategic investment. Our user friendly and intuitive business intelligence dashboards help you gain powerful insights into your travel expenditure, policy compliance, budgeting, and purchasing decisions.

Strategic Account Management

A trustworthy partnership results in cost savings. Reho Travel allows you to focus on your core business with the support of an experienced account manager, a dedicated expert consultant, and the latest relevant technology.

Mobile App

Say hello to happier travellers with the mobile app that thinks ahead for them. Free to download on iOS and Android, Zeno’s native mobile app brings all the enjoyment and ease of leisure travel – while supporting travel managers in their duty of care, delivery of cost control, and corporate policy compliance.

Self-Booking Tool

Imagine a world where traveller satisfaction, cost control, and travel policy compliance are all managed for you. Zeno drives adoption and reduces out of policy bookings, even learns traveller preferences and recommends tailored itineraries.

Sustainable Travel Solutions

Position your business for the future by having a company travel policy with the focus on sustainability. Seeking solutions to achieve business goals while meeting sustainability targets at the same time is the future most businesses are looking at.

Duty of Care

Caring for travellers is the number one priority of any travel program. aggregates verified travel alert data globally 24/7. Instantly using a graphical interface to communicate with travel arrangers, and directly with travellers that might be affected.

Customer Portal

Welcome to, the leading customised travel platform that integrates individual traveller profiles and all travel systems, streamlining the travel process. ​Rich with functionality, offers a myriad of productivity, safety, and visibility enhancements.