# traveltochangetheworld

Poetry in Motion

In “Poetry in Motion” the fourth episode of the Rehome series Karsten shares his memories from a time when we could all fly long haul. In each verse he describes the moment in one hand and cleverly balances it with the emotion he is feeling at the time.

Poetry in Motion

I stare out the window and reflect on what I’ve seen, when the world was wide open before Covid-19 My mind drifts back to the memories that I recall, From a time when we could all just fly long haul.

Every country I visited, every person I met, Made an indelible impression like a permanent sunset.

The plane slowed down abruptly, I was worried we’d fall short, Welcome to Lukla, the world’s most dangerous airport

As I tentatively entered the house I started to perspire, In that moment I imagined being caught in the crossfire

Weirdly clad girls danced on robots that were giant sized, All the while my senses were simultaneously traumatised

A world heritage city with coloured flaking walls, Was the last place I expected to cop one in the balls

The ice crashed on the bow whilst the penguins plipped and plopped, It took my breath away and for a moment my heart stopped.

There was a rumble far below as the earth began to shake We needed to get off the mountain, quick, for our own sake

The girl rode a rickety bicycle and had a pink flower in her hair, On the way back I rode it too, as it only seemed fair

My first encounter with a silverback, I will never forget He was in control of my life, I prayed he was not upset

The altitude took my breath away, all my reserves were depleted As the sun rose on the glacier, I knew we could not be defeated

The ladies danced in unison all covered in ochre, I had no choice but to join in with moves that were mediocre

I trembled uncontrollably, if I stayed on board, I’d be remiss Then he counted down from ten to one as I leaped into the dark abyss

The historical square was packed with the conductor setting the flow, As the crowds became intoxicated by the sound and light show

As we took the final step, where Noah had been before We had a new perspective on life with a strong need to explore

When the bans are all lifted the planet is sure to have changed, At the least our place at natures table will have been rearranged.

We will travel in small numbers, a few at a time, Reaching places where our impact could shift the paradigm

The new Normal will be a focus on everything that is green, But in reality, it’s how the world should always have been

Music: Michael Stynes