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New “Lifesaver” Logos

Reho Travel has created dynamic new logos inspired by their grateful clients

During the pandemic, Reho consultants were often referred to as lifesavers by their grateful clients, which went part way to inspiring the new logos.

“Our old logos were designed for letterheads, ticket wallets and business cards. Given we no longer print anything, it was time to come up with a new look that stood out in digital media.” Bianca Giles Managing Director Reho Study Tours

According to Reho Travel CEO, Karsten Horne the new look pays homage to the existing colours, however with more modern hues. They also bring together the many complicated elements of the old logos into the positive symbolism of a simple circle whilst retaining the friendly lower case and of course keeping the ever popular “pacman inspired e” from previous logos.


We are confident that the new simple Reho Study Tours logo will have wide appeal amongst the student market. The first Reho Study Tours logo was developed over a decade ago and attracted a lot of praise due to the clever integration with the Reho Travel logo. The complicated logo had a number of hidden elements which included the fact that all the triangles in the mortar board and cap shared identical angles. The inspiration for the dark red hue came from many major global universities who use the colour which is associated with higher learning. Unfortunately the logo lacked flexibility and didn’t translate well in an app or a mobile device which in 2022 is a students introduction to our brand.