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New Director – Bianca Giles

Clearly with one eye to the future – CEO, Karsten Horne today welcomes Bianca Giles as a shareholder of Reho Travel.

That is a long way from the day twelve years ago when Bianca packed all her worldly possessions into the back of her car in Norseman, WA and drove across the Nullarbor to an uncertain future. Arriving in Melbourne, she pulled up outside Reho Travel and boldly asked to do work experience! Within weeks Bianca became a full time consultant, assisting her manager with the 20 study tours that her division was managing for two universities at the time. After 5 years with the business, Bianca was promoted to manager and has been instrumental in growing the business in the past 7 years.

Reho Study Tours now runs 75 study tours each year for many major universities, private schools, special interest groups and large organizations. Whilst running the Reho Study Tours team, Bianca also manages Reho Travel’s IT and website.