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london i was made for loving you (1)

London – I was made for loving you

We blended into the 1000’s of Kiss fans young and old. I think the youngest Gene Simmons I saw was about 5 and the oldest was could possibly have been the real one on stage.

I headed off to London leaving some very jealous people back in Melbourne.

Was it the Cathay Pacific Business Class flights?

Was it staying at Luxury Hilton Hotels?

Yes of course these were a big part of it, but the major factors were…. Seats at the English Premier League game of the season – Chelsea vs Wigan and KISS live in Manchester

The flight 

I’d had very mixed feedback from clients about Cathay Pacific Business Class they seem to either love it or hate it, so it was great to experience it for myself.

I’m not sure if it’s the angle the seats are on, or the shape of the actual seats, but they look very small and narrow. Not being anywhere near a size 10 supermodel, my first thought was how am I going to fit into that!! I was very relieved to find once you are sitting down they are a lot more spacious than they look.

I actually found the seats to be very comfortable. With so many different positions and large TV screens, it was easy to comfortably while away the time watching movies on demand. For sleeping, the seats lay completely flat, which combined with a generous size doona and decent pillow made for a good night sleep. The food was excellent with at least three options for each meal and the service great.

The London Hotel

We stayed at the Hilton Metropole. It’s in a fantastic location on Edgeware Road, just across from Edgeware tube station. Marble Arch & Hyde Park are a short stroll away and it’s an easy walk to Oxford St. It’s been a few years since I was last in London so it was great to be able to just wander around London taking in the sights. Having only stayed in budget hotels in London before, I was pleasantly surprised at how spacious my room was. Hilton Metropole is a large and busy hotel it’s very popular for groups and conferences, with plenty of restaurants, bars and function rooms. Having access to the club lounge we were able to escape form the hustle and bustle of the main areas.

The Football 

We donned our Chelsea scarves crossed Edgeware Road to the tube station and headed off to the game. Arriving at Chelsea we made our way to the stadium through the sea of blue and white Chelsea supporters. I didn’t even know what colour Wigan was until I saw them on the pitch. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it before, I’m sure 99% of the stadium were Chelsea supporters. They sang constantly throughout the game and the crowd went wild with every goal Chelsea scored. Seeing as they won 8-0 and secured the championship there were was a lot of very happy supporters after the game too. 

The Kiss Concert 

We packed our overnight bags and headed off to Manchester for the 2nd highlight of our trip. 

KISS live in Manchester. For our group Kiss face paint & costumes were optional, Kiss tour t-shirts were compulsory. You have to look the part if you have seats as close to the stage as we did. We arrived at the stadium purchased our tour t-shirts, quickly changed into them to blend in a little more with the 1000’s of Kiss fans young and old. I think the youngest Gene Simmons I saw was about 5 and the oldest was could possibly have been the real one on stage. I’m sorry to say I’m not much of a Kiss fan, but this was an experience I wouldn’t want to have missed! The atmosphere was amazing, and the show spectacular. I did manage to sing along to a few songs in the encore. 

The Manchester Hotel 

We were spoilt staying at Hilton Deansgate. It’s a very new modern hotel, in a great position close to a variety of restaurants and shops. There was a rumour Kiss were also staying there but we didn’t actually see any evidence of this. My room was huge with floor to ceiling windows and a view across Manchester. Unfortunately we arrived late in the day and left early the next day, which wasn’t long enough to enjoy all the facilities it would have been nice to have had time to check out the day spa.