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Bula Fiji

Reho Travel welcomes a new team of Fiji based consultants

Reho Travel is known for low staff turnover and came out of the pandemic with an enviable average tenure of fifteen years. To ensure that experience is used to best advantage we have employed a team of seven in Nadi who have each been matched with a “mentor consultant” in Australia. The Fijian team, who come with strong airline, travel and tourism experience will be represented across all divisions of the company in a variety of roles from front line consulting through to assisting with technology.

The senior consultants in Australia have a new outlet for their experience, whilst the enthusiastic Fijians are really excited in being trained by the best. According to Reho Travel CEO, Karsten Horne “My aim is to ensure that my entire team find fulfilment in their every day, which in turn results in them providing great service to our customers, I feel that this initiative will go along way to achieving this.”