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Corporate Travel

Travel Management has evolved at a great rate in the past decade. Reho has been at the forefront of that change for 30 years. Our company is recognised as one of only a handful of Travel Managers that have the flexibility and the vision needed in these times.

Reho Leisure

It's not all about work; our Leisure team have travelled extensively to over 80 countries around the world and will plan your escape.

Study Tours

Reho Study Tours is the market leader in Study Tours having arranged hundreds of programs for universities and private corporations since 1992.

What type of Corporate Traveller are you?


Primary Industry
Executives, Miners

LIKES To be informed
DISLIKES Pretentiousness

Chief Executives,
Company Directors

LIKES To be respected
DISLIKES Interruption

Senior and Middle

LIKES The Familiar
DISLIKES Out of pocket expenses

Middle and Senior
Managers, Chief Executives

LIKES Sanctuaries
DISLIKES Being singled out

Advertising, Media and
Tech Gurus

LIKES The unusual
DISLIKES Conformity

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02 Sep 2014

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Finally gate-to-gate electronics!!

26 Aug 2014

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Just Back From

My 7th continent - I can almost smell it!!

Day 9 & 10 - Journey toward Elephant Island continues…and looking out for Point Wild. Still! It was a surprisingly a much better morning, the seating at breakfast was almost full...
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En Route to South Georgia

Day 4 & 5 - No land in sight, weird, and 2 days of it! Eeekkk!! Over these next 2 days we ate well and learned was even calm enough to brave some time in the room they call...
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