Malawi 2008 - 2011

alick_art.jpgAlick Masiya Banda is a second year university student at the University of Malawi, Mzuzu campus. He is studying cartography and was the first member of his family to attend high school, let alone university. He lives with his brother, sister, their partners and their four young children. They all do their bit to support this typical Malawian family unit. His father died many years ago, and his mother lives in a village further down the lake.

Alick is a talented student who sells his artwork from the roadside in Malawi. At 21, he is considered old as half the population is under 15, and the average life expectancy is 34. Alick clearly reflects his country - he is full of hope and is tentatively taking small steps onto the world stage but in need of support and encouragement from those with more experience.

It is with this in mind that we have commissioned Alick to design our Reho Christmas cards. This support has enabled Alick to pay for his university fees and much needed laptop. Now he is off the street and also studying art. As you can see, his work displays a significant talent and a unique style, and is a reminder of our place in the world in 2008.

Malawi 2011

alick.jpgAfter graduating from the University of Malawi with honours, Alick moved to Lilongwe to further his career and is currently working as a teacher at a local high school. He is in the process of completing a research project as to the viability of establishing rehope as a micro-credit institution in Malawi, initially operating in Nkhata Bay. Rehope aims to provide an enabling environment for the extremely impoverished people and encourage them to venture into self-employment projects. This will be done through providing direct and affordable access to credit that will allow them to diversify their income-generating activities, and have a chance to better their lives.

Malawi 2012 - 2014

rehope_office.jpgRehope Micro-credit Agency has been fully accredited by the Government of Malawi and authorised by the Reserve Bank of Malawi to operate as a microfinance company. Rehope was established with a primary vision of offering small affordable loans to the languishing communities in the country that would transform their living standards, thus revamping their lost hope of bettering their lives. On the 1st January, 2012, at Kupenja Lodge, situated in the lakeside district of Nkhata Bay in northern Malawi, Rehope Microcredit Agency was launched in a colourful fashion. The launch drew together senior government officers in Nkhata Bay, the business community, civil servants, fishermen, and many other members of the community. In 2013 a team of consultants from Reho Travel visited the project, meeting many of the loan recipients. The establishment and administration of Rehope Microcredit Agency is fully funded from profits of Reho Travel.

Malawi 2015

Closure of Rehope Microcredit Agency and formation of a Savings and Credit Cooperative (SACCO) to address financial inclusion for the residents of Mpamba and beyond. A SACCO model allows for greater financial viability, greater community ownership (collaborative decision making, volunteer staff) and accountability. Empower Projects and Reho Travel will collaborate on this project for 5 years with a view to build the capacity of the region to self-manage the community bank and action plans related to achieving self-reliance. An Empower field officer with experience in community development and microfinance will be based in Mpamba to offer ongoing operational and capacity building support over the 5 year life-span of the project.

rehope in the wider community

Through Oxfam and World Vision we sponsor children in Myanmar, Guatemala, Vietnam and Chad. In Malawi we are assisting a young man to attend high school after helping his older brother Alick (the creator of our Reho Christmas cards and founder of Rehope Microcredit Agency) through university.

rehope in the local community

Rehope also encompasses many of the individuals and charities that we support. A percentage of profits each year goes towards causes that are chosen to complement our Reho Study Tour brand or causes that have affected the families of our team or clients personally.