Reho Study Tours

Reho Study Tours

In 1984 we partnered with Monash University to establish their inaugural international study tour.  In the ensuing decades we have attained significant expertise in the development and delivery of international study tours. Reho Travel currently partner with a large number of Australian universities and private schools including Deakin, Macquarie, Monash and Loreto Mandeville Hall.  We run study tours in disciplines as diverse as nursing, film and television, international business, political studies and global development.  

Reho Study Tours are differentiated on the basis of our experience. Our consultants are all adept at managing large group travel where attention to detail is paramount. Reho Travel employs a number of University Academics to oversee the academic integrity of Reho Study Tours. We have the expertise to develop and coordinate a tailor made study tour for you or alternatively to put together the travel components of a study tour that you have developed in-house.

Moreover we take the notion of risk management seriously. At Reho Travel we understand that our travel groups are concerned with the issue of risk management. We are able to offer you a full risk management assessment of each country that will be visited on a study tour, both before the commencement of the tour and also during the tour.  Our systems allow us to constantly communicate with each of the study tour participants no matter where they are.

the reho study tour difference

  • Reho Study Tours is Australia's leading supplier of Study Tours; our experience enables us to deliver seamless study tours for both University and Special Interest groups
  • Reho Travel can develop tailor-made study tour solutions
  • Each request is treated as the beginning of a long-term association rather than a one-off
  • We will work together with you and structure a timeframe that will guide you through deposits, booking forms, visas, final payments, amendments and cancellation policies
  • Our committment to offering a competitive quote gives you maximum value for your budget
  • Negotiated exclusive university and group fares with the airlines
  • Suggestions regarding location as well as quality of hotels
  • Experienced reliable ground operators that we have dealt with for many years
  • We add value by advising safe locations and providing notes on each city
  • Expert advice when scheduling company visits or to advise how much free time is required
  • A pricing structure to allow for unpredictable changes or delays
  • Create a brand for the tour to give it a life of its own and to easily identify the group. This includes luggage tags, name badges and can also include sweatshirts and polo shirts
  • Assistance with the visa application (if required) for students of all nationalities
  • We encourage the students to travel after the tour, and offer assistance with their planning
  • Connect with your group in any way that suits you; face to face meetings, emails or by phone
  • Payments managed directly with Reho Study Tours (if you prefer)
  • We don't take over; it's still your tour! You won't be locked into prescribed arrangements
  • Informations sessions with students to answer questions and hand out documentation
  • A Reho Study Tours representative will assist the group with check in at the airport
  • Support of our 24/7 after hours team, while the group is away
  • 'Welcome Home' postcards to the participants to encourage their feedback
  • We operate a performance loop to consistently manage quality and will meet with you to gain feedback after the tour

For more information, please contact Bianca Giles at  (03) 9823 5288.

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