Track, Locate and Communicate

Reconnect allows you to instantly track, locate, and communicate with your travelling workforce on a dynamic interactive map which ensures your company is able to meet its Duty-of-Care obligations.

Where are your travellers now?

Incidents and disruptions are unpredictable. They can occur anytime and in any place. To ensure your company is able to meet its Duty-of-Care obligations, consider the following:

  • Are you able to pinpoint where your global travellers are in the world, right now?
  • Are you able to quickly communicate with your travellers and monitor their responses?
  • Is your traveller data complete, current and consolidated?

Reconnect MapCast is the worlds most advanced traveller tracking technology. It provides a visual overview of travel activity, country specific risk levels and provides communication functionality to easily locate and initiate one or two way communication from a dynamic interactive map.

Fast facts:

  • MapCast is accessible anywhere, anytime
  • View location of travellers based on their itinerary and past, present and future date ranges
  • Apply filters to refine search results
  • Communicate instantly with any specified group of travellers, using one or two way SMS messaging
  • Colour-coded updates of travellers, their responses and non-responses to messages displays automatically

"know where your travellers are right now and initiate two-way communication"