Intelligent travel management in a fragmented world

Recomply offers a unique mobile services integration platform that provides you with a completely new way of doing things smarter, faster and better, whilst generating a wide range of incremental savings for your business.

Recomply Destination Service

Recomply Destination Service delivers specific itinerary-based information to travellers before departure or after arrival. It can be used to intelligently promote the "right behaviour" at the right time, and drive travellers to your company’s preferred suppliers.

What are the benefits?

  • Destination based information delivered when needed
  • Preferred vendor savings communicated directly when travelling
  • Alerts sent to avoid undesirable areas or transportation options
  • Optimises risk management, duty of care fulfilment and traveller security

Recomply Policy Manager

Recomply Policy Manager provides a unique opportunity to capture company travel policy breaches prior to travel. This enables companies to pro-actively influence change in order to maximise policy compliance and subsequent cost savings. The monitoring of traveller activity ensures management of risk and buying behaviour before and during travel.

"drives policy and preferred vendor compliance and decreases cost of overall travel programme"