Peace of mind and increased personal safety

Reassure delivers important travel information to your travellers when they need it most, using a unique combination of mobile app and SMS technology.

Reassure Mobile Travel Assistant

The Reassure Mobile Travel Assistant is an innovative and unique mobile communication and services solution designed to consolidate, manage, and deliver all travel-related information to your travellers whenever and wherever, they are travelling.

What are the key benefits:

  • Instant access to relevant travel services
  • Can be used on any mobile device
  • Quick and easy to implement

Reassure Security Advisor

Reassure Security Advisor delivers a fully automated risk management communication tool. In the case of a security threat, or potential disruption such an airline strike, Reassure Security Advisor instantly pushes relevant breaking news information directly to your travellers’ mobile phone.

"peace of mind that travellers are being informed 24/7 when an incident occurs"

Reassure Follow Me Itinerary

The Reassure Follow Me Itinerary delivers itinerary information to your traveller via SMS. An individual message is delivered for each itinerary segment such as air, hotel, and car hire when needed during a trip.

"increased personal safety as travellers have access to itinerary details at all times"