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In The Press

19 Jul 2017

Reho Sydney - it's time for a seachange!

Next month the Reho Sydney office is moving out of our CBD building to Miranda in the Shire...we are excited about this for a number of reasons….KarryOn interviewed Karsten to find out why....

In The Press

31 May 2017

Myanmar gets a helping hand: I get a giant serve of reality

As the founder of Reho Travel in Melbourne and Sydney and Rehope our very own microfinance agency in Malawi, our CEO, Karsten has philanthropy in his DNA and a life purpose to...

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09 Feb 2017

The morals of travel

We have a series of articles coming your way highlighting why we want to use travel to change the world. Karsten has contributed to all these articles...the first of which asks “Before we...

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19 Dec 2016

Ethical Travel Companies emphasise the why

Check out this awesome article where Karsten explains why we emphasise our 'WHY’.

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28 Nov 2016

Top 10 travel trends from this years WTM

We are very excited that Karsten’s article on World Travel Market has been published!! He has discovered it is a very exciting time in the industry and investigates how responsible travel can...

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