Corporate Travel

18 Dec 2018

Carry On Crack Down

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority - CASA together with Qantas and Virgin Australia announced they will be cracking down on overweight carry-on luggage on domestic flights. The whole industry is facing a huge issue with overweight and over-sized cabin baggage causing safety issues to crew and impacting on flight time performance.

In order to mitigate these issues, there will be additional resources in terminals to assist with the refocus on cabin baggage, which may see your bags weighed at either check-in or boarding.

Virgin and Qantas both allow for carry-on weighing up to 7kg - with an additional laptop bag, handbag or suit bag. Bags deemed to be over the allowance will be checked in and carried in the cargo hold.

So might we suggest you check the weight of your carry-on before heading to the airport…that way you won’t have an issue…and you can pity the fool that didn’t!