Leisure Travel

Leisure Travel

Experience and Understanding

Reho Leisure draws on our 38 years of retail experience with a focus on ensuring that our corporate travellers receive the same benefits and qualified advice when they are arranging a holiday. Collectively, our team has travelled to over 100 countries and is well aware of the many factors they need to take into account.


With our roots in England, Reho Travel started out in Australia as a retail travel agency initially focused entirely on sourcing the lowest possible airfares for travel from Australia to UK/Europe to visit friends and family. As we developed, more of our customers started asking for short breaks in the region, then longer, more complicated holidays throughout the world. Clearly impressed by our service, this soon led to corporate referrals and before we knew it, we had grown into a fully-fledged corporate travel management company. Now our large base of corporate customers trusts us to look after their personal travel.

The difference

We recognise that corporate travel consultants build a strong relationship with their travellers and their personal assistants, many times using a sixth sense that has been honed over the years. However, despite their experience, most corporate consultants are focused on cost savings, the most logical routings and company policies. These factors are a lot different to the elements that make the perfect holiday. This is where the leisure team step in and combine their experience and knowledge with the corporate team to ensure that our most important customers are looked after. For the latest flights, holiday specials or how you can best use your Membership Rewards points contact our team on or 03 9823 5222.  

Helloworld Travel

Reho Travel is a member of Helloworld Travel, which is a leading Australian based travel company with Australia‚Äôs largest network of 2,000 independent franchised travel agents.  Helloworld Travel's mission is to offer Australian travellers industry-leading service, access to the best value travel deals and unparalleled customer assistance and convenience.