Leisure Travel FAQs

Why book through a travel agent?

Flawless travel plans lie in the detail, the staff at Reho Travel are experts when it comes to handling these details. Planning a holiday can be stressful. You can spend hours online searching for deals on flights and hotels, bouncing from one website to another trying to find the right transportation, flight costs & routing, location information and the inside scoop on the best places to dine and shop. This is all part of our job. Take advantage of Reho Travel's expertise and let us help you plan an amazing trip.  As a professional travel management company Reho Travel can assist you whilst you are traveling, if your flights are cancelled we can rearrange your onward travel, if there is an international incident that affects your travel we can alert you and provide assistance should that be required. It's all part of our job!

Do I need a visa?

Entry visas are required for many countries and visa requirements can and do change frequently.  Reho Travel can advise you on the most up to date visa requirements for your destination. We can provide you with the application forms and help you fill them out.   Reho Travel use a specialised  visa  courier service to get your visa applications  to the relevant Consulate and back again.

What is my luggage allowance?

All airlines have different rules regarding baggage allowance and these allowances will be dependent on the class of travel and the destination that you are traveling to.  As a general rule if you are traveling on an economy class fare on on  international flight you are entitled to 1 checked item weighing no more than 23kgs plus 1 carry on item weighing no more than 5kgs. Your Reho consultant will specify the  allowances appropriate for your itinerary as allowances will vary depending on the airline that you are traveling with  and as such you should consider the lowest allowance available to you on any given airline when packing.

Are "packaged" holidays the cheapest way to travel?

In a word "No."   The word "package" can be very misleading to people because all travel arrangements can be arranged into a package not just the ones you see advertised. This is done by combining your preferred hotel and room type with the cheapest available flights suited to your desired dates. Often the packages you see advertised have the cheapest star rating hotel, mixed with the cheapest flights which have people departing at undesirable hours or with long layovers.  More often than not, people opt to create their very  own package as this will ensure that you will receve the standard that you expect.

What is the safest and most convenient way to take money?

Reho Travel recommend the use of a cash passport.  A cash passport allows you to pre-load your travel money onto a debit card  which can then be used at  ATM's, as well as in  shops and restaurants.

You can load money onto your cash passport Cards in a  variety of currencies and the exchange rate is locked in each time you load or reload your card giving you  for complete budget control ensuring that you do not get any surprises due to currency fluctuations when you return home.

Can you manage all of my travel arrangements?

At Reho Travel our well-traveled consultants can handle every aspect of your trip from airline tickets to accommodation, ground transportation, activities, tours, travel insurance, visa applications and more.  All you need to do is to tell us where you want to go, give us a budget and we will do the rest, so you can sit back , relax and look forward to your holiday knowing that every detail has been taken care of.

What are early bird sales?

Early bird sales  are airline sales that are limited to a specified time period. If you are able to catch an early bird sale there can be a significant cost saving.    Our travel consultants are always given prior notice of any up coming early bird sales and as such we are happy to notify you when they are released. Just give us a call and let us know your requirements and we will happily contact you when a sale dates are released.

How far in advance should I book my overseas holiday?

Ideally we recommend that you start looking into your holiday arrangements a good 6-12 months prior to travel. The further in advance you are able to make your arrangements the more choice you will have and thus have a greater chance of  securing the flights, accommodation & tours that you want. 

What are the restrictions on travelling with liquids, aerosols and gels?

There are rules for taking liquids, aerosols and gels on all flights in and out of Australia. These rules also apply to passengers arriving on international flights who are transiting in Australia and to passengers travelling on the domestic leg of an international flight within Australia.

  • The restrictions limit the quantity of liquids, aerosols and gels passengers may take on board the aircraft with them, including duty free liquids, aerosols and gels.
  • The restrictions apply to products carried in the cabin of the aircraft by passengers. They do not apply to checked baggage carried in the hold of the aircraft. However, restrictions on dangerous goods still apply.
  • Certain exemptions apply for medicines, medical products, medical devices, and baby products that you may need during the flight.
  • Liquid, aerosol or gel products must be in containers of 100 millilitres or less (broadly equivalent to 100 grams or less).
  • The containers must be carried in one transparent, resealable plastic bag
  • The plastic bag must be the type that can be sealed and resealed with a sealing mechanism, like a sandwich bag or freezer bag.
  • Only one bag is allowed for each passenger, with exceptions for carers who may carry the bag/s of the people in their care, including children.
  • All containers must fit comfortably into the plastic bag and the bag must be sealed.

For more information visit the Australian Government Department of Infrastructure and Transport

What are the current duty-free concessions?

Duty-free concessions in Australia are different to those in other countries.

Most personal items such as new clothing, footwear, and articles for personal hygiene and grooming (excluding fur and perfume concentrates) may be brought into Australia in your accompanied baggage, free from duty and tax.

Personal goods are free from duty and tax if they are:

  • owned and used by you overseas for 12 months or more
  • imported temporarily (a security may be required by Customs and Border Protection)

For other goods, limits apply. These include goods that are purchased overseas and goods that are purchased in Australia duty or tax free (that have been previously exported), or from an inwards duty free shop on arrival into Australia.

Also included are goods for which a TRS claim has been made. Duty free concessions do not apply to commercial goods.

General goods

If you are aged 18 years or over, you can bring up to A$900 worth of general goods into Australia duty-free. If you are under 18 years of age there is a A$450 limit.

General goods include gifts, souvenirs, cameras, electronic equipment, leather goods, perfume concentrates, jewellery, watches and sporting equipment.


If you are aged 18 years or over, you can bring 2.25 litres of alcohol duty-free into Australia with you. All alcohol in accompanied baggage is included in this category, regardless of where or how it was purchased.


If you are aged 18 years or over, you can bring 250 cigarettes, or 250 grams of cigars or tobacco products duty-free into Australia with you. All tobacco products in accompanied baggage are included in this category, regardless of where or how they were purchased.

Be aware that if you exceed Australia's duty-free concession limits you will be charged duty and tax on all items of that type (general goods, alcohol or tobacco), not just the items which exceed the limits.

Do I have to come into your office to make a booking?

No, a large percentage of our bookings and correspondence with clients is done over the phone and/or via email.

Can you book my Frequent Flyer flights?

Yes, we can book your frequent flyer tickets on your behalf however we do charge a redemption fee of $110.00 per person for International tickets and $55.00 for domestic tickets.

Is travel insurance compulsory?

While travel insurance is not compulsory, it does provide peace of mind while you are away. Travel insurance can help cover you if you are injured, have your passport or wallet stolen, if  your tour is cancelled, or even if you are unable to travel due to an illness before you have left home. We recommend all travellers have travel insurance, and we can provide competitive policies, so we are sure to find a policy that suits your needs and budget.

Do I require vaccinations?

Vaccinations are recommended for travel to some destinations, and are compulsory for others.   The requirement for vaccinations changes frequently can provide you with the latest requirements as well as arrange for you to be vaccinated should this be required.

How long will it take my refund to process?

A refund for an unused flight can  typically take up to six weeks to process.    This will depend on the airline's processes and your ticket type.  As refunds are done directly from the airline involved Reho Travel is unable to influence  in this process.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my airline booking?

If you cancel your airfare prior to travel, you may be eligible for a refund. However, some tickets are totally non-refundable these are typically discounted or promotional fares. If your ticket is non-refundable we will let you know prior to issuing your ticket.  If this is the case then we recommended that you take our travel insurance to cover you in the eventuality that you may be unable to fly at the specified time.

 To apply for a refund, you will need to return to the original office of purchase and ask for your ticket to be assessed for a refund. Cancelation fees will apply.  Once assessed, the airline will process any monies that may be due. Please Note that  cancelation fees from Reho Travel will apply on top of any airline cancelation fees.

How do I know it's safe to travel to a particular country?

Regular travel alerts are issued by DFAT  ( Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade)   and they can be contacted  on 1300 139 281 or visit to obtain the latest travel information.  Reho Travel receive daily updates on all potential international conflicts and will do our best to give you the most up to date information at the time of making your booking.

I want to change my flight date and have paid in full, is this possible?

It is often possible to change the date on your ticket but you may be charged additional fees for doing so. Please refer to your receipt for the conditions and fees applicable to your particular airfare and contact the Reho office where you booked to make a change. If you want to amend the first flight from Australia, please be aware that it is the outbound date that determines the price and if your new date falls into another 'season' with different conditions there may be a significant increase in price. Please also note that you will not be able to make a change outside the maximum validity of your ticket. Any amendments to flight bookings are subject to availability and ticket re-issue fees may apply.

Can I extend my ticket validity?

No, tickets cannot be extended beyond the maximum validity as stated in your fare rules. If you are unsure of how long you can travel on your airfare, check with your Reho consultant.

Does my medical insurance cover me whilst overseas?

Most medical insurance does not cover you whilst you are  overseas, including cruise ships of foreign registry. Travel insurance covers the gaps often associated with normal medical coverage, like pre-existing medical conditions. It can also help with deductibles, even if your insurance does happen to provide international coverage.

I've started travelling, can I change my travel dates or routing?

Yes. For e-tickets the easiest way to request a date change is by contacting the office where you purchased your ticket (details available on your receipt). Make sure you tell them in the email which flights you would like to change. Please be aware that not all tickets are date changeable.   Full conditions are usually noted on your itinerary otherwise contact your Reho office.   Any changes permitted are subject to flight availability and fees will apply.

Do I need to register with DFAT?

Whether you are travelling overseas to visit family, as a tourist, for business or to live, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade encourages you to register your plans before you leave Australia. The registration information you provide will help contact or find you in an emergency.