Corporate Travel FAQs

How do you guarantee our travellers are getting the best fare?

Being a part of the Travelscene American Express buying group and having access to their airline deals means that we can deliver the best fares available. Depending on your company's volume of travel, we can also negotiate directly with our airline partners to find the best fare solutions for your business. We then compare these deals with local websites, airline reservation systems and consolidation fares to make sure that you are getting the best deals available. Offering you the best logical fare of the day.

Why should I consolidate my company's travel policy?

By consolidating your company travel activities, then managing the process is simplified through our online automated services and offline by our professional team of consultants. Your company's increased volume of travel will enable us to maximise negotiated benefits.

How do you determine the service fees?

Our fees are structured for each client based on their requirements. We will work together to customise a travel program that provides you with services that you find valuable. Our service fees ensure that you are paying only for the services that benefit your company. Our Cost-Saving reporting program delivers more supplier savings than what our fees cost. The small fees you pay become a great return on investment not only on cost-savings but also peace of mind that you are being well looked after by your travel management provider.

What is Reho Travels policy on Carbon Offsets?

Reho is proud to be one of the first travel managers in Australia to offer Carbon Emission reporting. In partnership with leading carbon neutral service provider, Climate Friendly™, we have activated Carbon Emission reporting and have the option of having this information displayed on each itinerary.

Do you keep your staff, are they happy?

Our motto is experience. efficient. ethical. so it is vitally important that all members of the team are well travelled and have the expertise to live up to that promise. We pride ourselves in being an employer of choice in the travel industry and understand that to attract good people we need to assist in their personal and career development.

Do you specialise in corporate travel?

Yes. Corporate and Business Travel is our specialty. With a professional team of consultants, our investment in superior online and mobile support technology, we leverage supplier relationships with our global partners to deliver real-time online travel data, contract support and savings and provide your company with excellent service at the best value.

Will you save our company money?

At Reho Travel we will provide your company with a high level of service and ensure that you get the best deals available. We will work together to customise a travel management program and offer various cost-saving options. With superior technology and excellent service we focus on delivering a return on your investment.

What do we need to do to transition our account?

Once you say go, implementation is a seamless process that can start immediately.

Can I get corporate reports?

Your company's travel information is available 24/7 via our online reporting system. Reports may also be generated by our Client Relationship Manager and sent to you via email or hardcopy upon request. Our online reporting system allows you to decide what information and how often you want the reports.

Does travel take up too much time, would you rather spend the time running your business?

Reho Travel can take away the frustration you experience in making reservations for your travellers. Reho Travel guarantees that your reservations are made quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Are you fed up with voice mail, call centres and long waits on the phone? Is it leaving you feeling unappreciated?

Telephones are answered within 3 rings and never by voice mail. Also, your designated travel consultants have direct telephone numbers; ensuring phone bookings are managed with no delay.

Did you know that you could save time by using an online single screen booking solution?

For domestic bookings Reho Travel can provide you with the option to use an online booking tool, which integrates online reservations with travel policy, profile management and financial accounting data.

Did you know that you can book flights, hotel and car hire from a single screen?

By using this solution you will be able to book flights, hotels and car hire on a single screen. Giving you direct to access Qantas, Virgin and Jetstar's flight options on the one screen, rather than having to access them on individual web sites.

Does your travel agent adhere to Service Level Agreements that suit your needs?

Reho Travel answers all calls within three rings; no voice mail and all calls are returned within 30 minutes. Emails and faxes will also be responded to within 30 minutes.

Is your consultant keeping within the agreed response times?

Reho Travel is committed to our key performance indicators that guarantee that your reservations are made quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Can you contact all levels of management easily?

Unlike larger organisations, our clients can easily contact management and your account manager. Reho Travel believes that access to the decision maker and a consistency of relationship is paramount in the successful management of your account.

Do you feel like your travel agent is an extension of your business?

Reho Travel's aim is to become an extension of your business in the form of your travel department. We are flexible in our approach and we offer a tailor made personal service to meet your needs.

Is your agent small enough to care and large enough to get the job done?

Unlike larger organisations, Reho Travel is flexible and therefore fast to respond to your needs. Our aim is to become an extension of your business in the form of your travel department.

Is your current manager flexible, offering you the service you need?

We offer a tailor made personalised service, we do not believe in a call centre environment.

Do you have a designated team looking after you?

Reho Travel will provide you with a designated consultants that will make your sure your reservations are made quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Are you aware of the types of reports available and their benefits to your business?

You will be able to view expenditure reports, supplier reports and financial reports. Regular monitoring of your travel spend and procedures allows us to work closely with you to ensure you are getting the maximum from your travel dollar.

Do you need to pay to access your own travel spend data?

Reho travel does not charge for any reports, you can view reports online as often as you like and if required we can send you a selection of reports on a monthly bases.

Is there a delay in receiving the information?

Reho Travel will provide you with online access to reports that you can view in real time for any date range.

Do you lose money through unused tickets?

Reho Travel will email your travel coordinator a Ticket on Hold Report monthly, a report is also available online. Your designated consultant will advise you on best future use when bookings are made.

Will your reports be formatted to your requirements?

Reports can be viewed on screen in HTML (for drill down), data can also presented in PDF or Excel formats for printing. They can be broken-down into departments, cost centre, job number or traveller.

Are your cost centres and departments featured in your reports?

Yes, reports can be broken down into your required levels, such as groups, departments, cost centre and travellers.


Are you receiving a minimum of two quotes?

Reho Travel offers the lowest logical and most practical airfares, with a minimum of two options per itinerary. This ensures you get the maximum advantage of the discounted fares offered by the airlines. These quotes will be supported by detailed itineraries, giving you the ability to make the correct choice.

Do your consultants offer proactive advice and suggestions throughout the booking and travel process?

With your Travel Consultants proactively searching and offering the best options available, you can achieve significant savings. Our consultants are highly skilled at applying a creative approach to sourcing our fares database to achieve Best Fare of the Day.

Does your travel agent offer you choices of product and price each time you travel?

Thinking outside the square is a large part of achieving our cost savings goal for you. Reho Travel consultants do much more than just process travel orders. They will be there to guide you through the complexities of travel. By offering the highest quality travel advice, you can be assured of a tailor-made solution built around your exact requirements.

Are you offered negotiated route deals and hotel rates?

Reho Travel will work with your current preferred suppliers and manage future negotiations to ensure you are obtaining the best possible rates with airlines, hotels and car hire suppliers.

Do you need assistance with design, implementation and ongoing management of your travel policy?

Reho Travel can help you devise an effective Travel Policy that will enable you to achieve savings.

Did you know that you could save money by implementing an effective travel policy?

Research shows that having an effective travel policy can reduce your investment in travel related costs by 35%.

Do you have compliance on you travel policy at all levels?

Reho Travel's consultants will have full knowledge of your Travel Policy. Any request for 'out of policy travel', is immediately reported prior to issuance of documentation. Your dedicated Consultants and your Account Manager continually monitor and report on your policy.

Can your agent offer an option that is customised for every department and traveller?

Reho Travel's flexible and personal approach ensures that your specific policy is policed at all levels.

Does your current provider offer an After Hours service?

Our after hours consultants are contactable 24/7 and have access to all operating systems. They are able to supply the full range of consulting services.

In the event of an emergency will someone be available to take my call?

If an incident or emergency situation arises during your travel, our consultants will be there to take your call 24/7. All Reho Travel's documentation clearly states emergency numbers that are available 24 hours, 365 days a year.