Besides checking the best fares and routing available for the dates and destination you require, our experienced leisure consultants will research what can be included in the main fare. We will not just give you a Melbourne to London return airfare. Often free stopovers or side trips into Europe or Asia can also be included. Online portals work on a point-to-point basis but they’re unable to identify the same additional benefits that an experienced consultant can.


Our Leisure consultants will always provide all-inclusive quotes with no hidden charges. Many online portals may initially show a low basic airfare, however more fees are added the further you proceed. Our partnership with Helloworld provides enormous buying power, which means we can access the lowest airfares in the market place.


Our team will do more than just put your bum on a seat. We will make sure your various needs are considered, such as luggage, seating, contact details, documentation, frequent flyer numbers, dietary requirements, and any special medical needs. You will be constantly updated, both before and during travel, with schedule changes and itinerary updates.


Our team are aware that flying has a negative effect on the environment and contributes to climate change. However several airlines are now operating the Boeing 787 Dreamliner which is a technological marvel. It’s built largely of carbon-fibre composites rather than aluminum, which makes it significantly lighter than other planes. Its braking, pressurization, and air-conditioning systems are run not by hydraulics but by electricity from lithium-ion batteries. It uses twenty per cent less fuel than its peers, and so is cheaper to run, yet it also manages to have higher ceilings and larger windows. Ask one of our team to identify airlines that operate this aircraft and you will be contributing to a better environment, you could also reduce jetlag as the aircraft is pressurised at a lower cabin altitude.


If you require assistance, due to unforeseen circumstances, you can call somebody who cares and who you can trust. For example, a family member requires you to come home, a natural disaster occurs, your airline goes on strike or you need to reschedule. You can do this at anytime and know that our 24/7 team will be there to help out.