Fit to Travel

Fit to Travel

Fit to Travel is about improving the health and lifestyle of YOU the corporate frequent flyer.

  • Ever wondered where the fun, excitement and joy of travel went?
  • Has your perspective of travel changed negatively due to the monotony and stress of constant transit combined with the responsibility to perform at the other end? 
  • If there was a way you could rebuild your energy to perform at your best whilst traveling would you take it on board?
  • How good would it feel to be in love with the travel lifestyle! To be fuelled by boundless energy, fun-filled joy of the unknown and excitement about living the healthy life wherever you are!

Through 10 carefully structured, fun and practical workshops you will learn about the simple techniques that combine to create a foundation of positivity and longevity of health. Sounds nice doesn’t it! Almost like a breath of fresh air! Well you deserve it. 

Travel time is an opportunity to re-boot and reconnect to yourself. Fit to Travel will show you how.

Does your life consist of boarding, de-boarding, and waiting for cabs to get to a train to get to the airport in time for a plane that’s running 2 hours late?  Let’s not forget the changing time zones and constant lack of sleep. Here are a few tips to keep you traveling well...