Charity Partners

Charity Partners

We are focused on living our purpose and giving back where we believe it is needed most. Our focus will always be giving at home, but with travel being the name of our game, and our staff having heartfelt connections in different countries around the world we look to extend our charitable reach to the global community as well.

In addition to Rehope, our Community Bank in Malawi, we strive to select charity partners that are aligned to our teams values. To aid this, we request staff input to identify potential organisations to support. We then conduct an in-depth assessment of each nomination to create a shortlist of potential partners. First and foremost, this assessment takes into consideration whether the charitable organisation is aligned with Reho’s vision, mission and goals. We then factor in survey results, organisation values, operational and financial performance. Possible partners must have a Deductible Gift Recipient status with the Australian Taxation Office, should be non-political and have a significant effect on a niche segment of the community. The team then vote on the shortlist and a partnership is formed.

As a company whose income is derived from travel, needless to say when there is a disaster of any kind in any country, we aim to assist the local community get back on their feet where we can. Whether at home or abroad, in all cases of emergency we give via established aid organisations with proven, effective activities on the ground in the impacted area.

Our staff are gifted with range of skills that are used to help charities and community organisations. Each staff member is given the opportunity to take two days paid volunteer leave each year to give to one of our approved charities, volunteering can be taken locally or overseas with a charitable client or the charity of the staff members choice.

Reho Travel are proud to have formed partnerships with the following charities whose entire reason for existence is to be the change we all seek in the world.

Empower creates platforms for communities to determine their developmental priorities, create their own vision and develop action plans to address their needs and aspirations.  We are deeply committed to supporting projects that are based on a positive vision for change that is put forward by communities themselves. Projects that bring out are underpinned by the knowledge, skills and available resources of local communities. Projects that community members can feel proud of and have the confidence to sustain into the future.

East Timor Hearts Fund believes that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy good heart health. They are working with the government and health providers in Timor-Leste to help make that happen. As well as immediate help for the most critical cases, they are tackling the root causes of poor heart health in Timor-Leste with research and advocacy and education and prevention projects.

Love Mercy exists to empower communities in Northern Uganda to overcome poverty caused by the horrors of war.  Love Mercy sees a future where Northern Uganda is transformed through simple solutions to poverty. Their projects increase access to education, health care, and income generation and are funded entirely by generous donations from the public.

Beat Cancer is a social enterprise where all profits are used to fund cancer research. They are taking on the most destructive disease of our generation and revolutionising the way causes are funded. They believe that the best way to fund causes is by harnessing the power of business.

Hireup is an NDIS registered online platform for people with disability to find, hire and manage support workers who fit their needs. They are redefining what it means to be connected. To be supported. To be a community empowered by a system that matches people not just on qualification but on shared interests. They know that finding the right support is about finding the right relationship.  They have a better future in their sights, one support work relationship at a time.

Impact Carbon's work reduces poverty and improves local environments while slowing climate change. They build and support projects that help people access energy efficient cookstoves. They leverage carbon finance and social finance to bring these projects to scale.

Forest Alive are a carbon and biodiversity consultant specialising in forest protection and restoration projects in Australia. They have 8 years of experience working with landowners, governments and land conservancy groups and have developed strong partnerships to promote the sustainable management of native forest in Australia and overseas.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance provides family-centred therapies, life skills programs, equipment and support for people and their families living with cerebral palsy and other neurological and physical disabilities.  The team at Reho participates in Steptember every year raising funds to provide vital equipment, therapy and services to children and adults living with cerebral palsy.

Oaktree is an Australian-based, non-government organisation that specialises in international youth development. Their mission is to lead, demand and create a more just world.

The mission of One Disease is to eliminate Crusted Scabies from remote Indigenous communities.  They believe no Australian should die of a preventable disease.  Their program is culturally respectful. It is not thrust upon but built together with the Indigenous communities in which they work.  Pitting their will against Crusted Scabies and its devastating consequences will not only eliminate the disease but create a stronger partnership with Indigenous Australians and begin to heal a much older wound.

Together Zombrero and partner Rise against Hunger, an international hunger relief agency, have provided millions of nutritious meals to disadvantaged communities across Africa, Asia and the Americas.  Locally, Zambrero partners with Foodbank to fight hunger in Australia, providing a meal to Australians doing it tough with every purchase from our Grab and Go range.  The team from Reho participates in the Plate4Plate packing days in both Melbourne and Sydney annually, helping to pack meals for communities in need globally, where many do not have access to adequate nutrition.

The Wilderness Society is an Australian, community-based, not-for-profit non-governmental environmental advocacy organisation. Its vision is to "transform Australia into a society that protects, respects and connects with the natural world that sustains us.