Polar Regions

Polar Regions

01 Feb 2016

Falklands – an island fascination

I wake up to the tinny sound of a nearby radio, the rumble of buses, the screeching of brakes...

Polar Regions

19 Jan 2016

A hero on the ice

The ship was creaking heavily; I could feel the constant pressure of the ice against her hull,...

Polar Regions

03 Jan 2015

The end of the world

Wow ... where to begin?? Absolute sensory overload! Foreign to sea travel and its swells,...

Polar Regions

01 Dec 2014

My 7th continent

Day 9 & 10 - Journey toward Elephant Island continues…and looking out for Point...

Polar Regions

02 Sep 2014

En Route to South Georgia

Day 4 & 5 - No land in sight, weird, and 2 days of it! Eeekkk!! Over these next 2 days...