30 Aug 2018

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro a life changing experience

A is for Altitude, which is the biggest challenge of the climb; it affects everyone in some way.

B is for Barranco Wall, an intimidating cliff face that we conquered on Day 4.

C is for Commitment, without it a challenge like this remains a dream.

D is for Determination, you need it to push through the pain barrier.

E is for Experience, a life changing one.

F is for Fitness, we trained hard and prepared well, in the end it was the difference.

G is for G Adventures, their goal was to get us to the top safely and ensure we had the time of our lives.

H is for Hero, which applies to everyone who conquered the mountain.

I is for Ice, at dawn on our frozen tents, our frozen water bottles and under our feet on the summit.

J is for Jambo, hello in Swahili, a greeting shared with the amazing porters and crew.

K is for Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and a spectacle that will remain in our hearts forever.

L is for Lemosho, the route we chose, as it is the longest, the most spectacular and best for acclimatization.

M is for Moshi, the nearest town to Mt Kilimanjaro and home to the Union Café.

N is for Nature, which is captivating and inspiring, energising yet calming, and allows you to surrender control.

O is for Oximetre, every night our oxygen saturation levels were measured to ensure we were able to continue.

P is for Pole Pole, in Swahili it means slowly which is the only way to walk in high altitude.

Q is for Quit, a word that never entered our heads, no matter how hard it got.

R is for Reward, the reward of looking down from the top of the mountain to the clouds below.

S is for Stella Point, when we finally reached it; we knew that we were going to make it to the top.

T is for Tent, our home, our protection, our comfort and our place to rest.

U is for Uhuru, at 5895m the highest point of the world’s highest freestanding mountain.

V is for Vegetation, which changed every day as we trekked through five distinct climate zones.

W is for Water, you dehydrate quickly in high altitude, we were encouraged to drink at least 3 litres a day.

X is for X Factor, no matter how fit you are or how much training you have done, the altitude can stop you in your tracks.

Y is for You, if you really want to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, you can do it.

Z is for Zero, we felt pretty sick on the first two days, until Gerard our guide said “Don’t worry you will soon go from zero to hero”