Meet Reho Travel Ambassador Karen Hill

I am coached by Jenni King of Pedal lab and currently supported by Rocky Mountain Bicycles Australia and Travel to change the world.

About me and my goals

I believe in living a life that sets your soul on fire. Riding and racing mountain bikes does exactly that for me. My bike is my reason to travel and explore; It’s fun, freedom and adventure. The people I meet and the places my bike takes me is incredible.

I have always been involved in a range of sports growing up; karate, netball, tennis, boxing and triathlon. I started mountain biking thanks to getting teased at my last bike shop for doing triathlon. I went on a trip to France in 2012 to compete in the Alpe d’Huez long course triathlon and when I returned, I just wanted to ride my bike. So that’s what I did.

I am passionate about using bikes and travel as way to inspire others to find the good in themselves and have some fun. I believe bikes, nature and travel can teach us a lot about ourselves and then we can pass that on to the world.

I plan on stage racing my way around the world and invite you along for the journey.

Career Highlights

Victorian xc Champion
MTB Himalaya 3rd (India)
Rumble in the Jungle (Sri Lanka)
Yak Attack 1st (Nepal)
BC Bike Race 8th (Canada)

Qualifications (too much time at University haha)

Bachelor Science in Nutritional Therapy
Bachelor Science (Honours)
PhD in Sports Nutrition

Current Job

Senior Advisor, Aboriginal Employment Unit, Victorian Public Sector Commission

Motto: Laughter is the best medicine

You can follow my journey on her blog The Sisters of Strength and Endurance