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Reho Study Tours

What gives Reho Travel the biggest edge is that, since 1996, we have taken the opportunity to participate on selected study tours. This gives us a better understanding of study tours from the time we first offer a quote, all the way through to when the group arrives home. Our expertise does not reach its limit when we deliver the documents we know first-hand what the group will experience as they travel.

Having travelled with the study groups as participants means that we can assess what extra information is necessary to provide, has given us first-hand knowledge of the realities of travelling as a group, and has drawn our attention to some of the pitfalls of group travel which we can pre-empt from happening.

The ability to organise a group tour requires more than just knowledge of airfares. Combining the requirements of a group with the individual requests of group members takes greater coordination, organisation, patience and time.

An eye for detail is essential all itinerary arrangements must be timed accurately, all travellers must be linked so they are registered with hotels and airlines as a group, even the smallest detail must match for every traveller.

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