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Living our values to ensure a sustainable future

As a mature business, Reho understands that it is our responsibility to make a stand and show leadership with our environmental and community initiatives.


Reho is committed to providing a healthy and supportive environment and supplying the tools and training to allow our employees to develop as individuals. Our recent fit outs used ‘Green Star’ design principles in providing quality and environmentally sound offices. We aim to achieve best practice in pursuit of green star initiatives in complying wherever possibleto best design principles for green star compliance criteria.

Carbon Emissions

climate_friendly.jpgReho is proud to be one of the first travel managers in Australia to offer Carbon Emission reporting. In partnership with leading carbon neutral service provider, Climate Friendly™, we have activated Carbon Emission reporting, which can be displayed on each itinerary. Climate Friendly can work closely with your company to develop a continuous and comprehensive carbon management system.

"flight emissions can contribute a major percentage of your overall carbon footprint"




Everyone at Reho understands what a privilege it is to work for a company and in an industry that provides us with unlimited opportunities for personal and career development. It is essential for our own advancement that we travel widely to gain the experience and it is through seeing the world that we come to understand how lucky we all are. We operate a registered microcredit agency in Malawi, our team each spend two days per year volunteering in the community and Reho also supports several causes that are close to our hearts.

"the establishment and administration of Rehope Microcredit Agency is fully funded from the profits of Reho Travel"