Janine Hendry

Janine Hendry

Janine Hendry - Business Development Manager

Favourite Places: Melbourne, San Francisco, Paris, Siam Reap, Myanmar and sitting around the kitchen table with her family a Sunday evening

Dream Holiday: Bike riding through Myanmar, Zip Lining across the top of  the jungle in Laos, exploring Angkor Wat on the back of a motor cycle, then across to Paris for an Apartment Tour, into Berlin just to see the architecture,  then back to London in time to visit the Chelsea Garden Show, perhaps a quick sail around the Greek islands …………did I mention food at all?

Travelled to: Japan, United States, Canada, South America, New Zealand, China, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Nepal, Tibet, India, Vietnam, Europe, United Kingdom, Fiji

Famous Encounters: Cate Blanchette

Ideal Dinner Party Guests: Kevin McCloud, Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandella

Likes: Well my family, great interior design, adaptive reuse architecture and anything at all sung by Ella FitzGerald

Janine’s dirty little secret:  Janine is a qualified Interior Designer and Heritage Consultant, her passion is the preservation of heritage architecture.