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Reho Rap - Autumn 2012

Welcome to the new look Reho Rap Newsletter – connecting you to Reho Travel. I hope you like our new look; we feel that it represents the energy, excitement and innovation that you have come to expect from our brand. Our new website is live as of today, a significant amount of time, love and money has been invested to ensure that it is functional, fun, interactive and of value to you.


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Reho Rap Summer 2014

2014 is in full swing and the business environment is looking positive!

Looking back at 2013 it certainly was a tumultuous year for many industries, especially in the retail space where evolving consumer behaviour is rapidly changing the landscape. The travel industry has not been immune when late in the year the Travelscene, Jetset and Harvey World Travel brands morphed into a new brand called helloworld to create Australia’s largest network of travel agencies. Reho is proud to be one of the foundation members of the new group.

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Reho Rap Autumn 2014

What a warm Autumn we are experiencing!

Makes you wonder why you would leave our shores…but then again there is our amazing photo competition. I would give up an unseasonably warm Autumn if I won a luxury cruise along the Amazon River.

As an alternative to a sedentary cruise, Reho has partnered with a company called Health and Fitness Travel, who are experts in revitalising and energising breaks.

Reho Travel has a reputation for being innovators, and it wasn't until last month that I discovered this mindset goes right back to the formation of the company. A rewrite of the company history now reads that in 1979 the founders intended to run a luxury bus service from London to India, with bunks, meals, airline seats, videos and air conditioning on board. It was meant to be the Restaurant-Hotel Bus (Re-Ho Bus)! The concept stayed on the drawing board, however the name remained. Over the next few editions, I will share a few stories on the early days of Reho that have recently been unearthed.


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