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Leisure Travel

22 Dec 2014

Club Med Phuket Special Offer!

Enjoy Club Med Phuket and discover the relaxing atmosphere and culture of Thailand in this...

Corporate Travel

22 Dec 2014

Qantas announces partner-friendly upgrades to Platinum One members

Platinum One, introduced by Qantas Frequent Flyer in November 2011, has now been...


22 Dec 2014

There's more to business than making money

There are new standards for benchmarking company perfomance and they are being endorsed by...

Corporate Travel

22 Dec 2014

Finally gate-to-gate electronics!!

CASA approves gate-to-gate use of devices for Virgin Australia and Qantas Electronic...


22 Dec 2014

Qantas Club - joining fee waived!

Are you planning to join the Qantas Club? Well now is the time to do it, Qantas is waiving the...

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