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Looking for adventure

Looking for adventure - The Age Travel agencies are casting their holiday destination nets wider, writes Paul Edwards. ACCEPTING that Australians may well believe that...


In the press - North and South

North and South North and South Author: Paul Edwards Date: 19/06/2005 Publication: The Sunday Age Section: Travel Page: 6 After a budget holiday? The Americas are right on the...


At one with the world - The Sunday Age - 29th May 2005

Solo travel can be exciting, frustrating, expensive, economical, dangerous - and fun. If you're a solo woman, add 50% to all of the above. The Single female adventurer can boldly go where macho...


Pilgrimage for the patient

If you want to be in Gallipoli in time for Anzac Day it's not too late, writes Paul Edwards. THERE is still time to book a trip to Gallipoli to take part in the dawn service at Anzac Cove on...

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