02 Mar 2011

Qantas Centre for Excellence

A380 - Qantas

Engineering Capacity

  • Holds more passengers than any other commercial airplane
  • It enables more fuel efficiency and is a double decker layout
  • It has 49% more floor space than the world's second biggest airliner, the Boeing 747
  • The lower deck is economy and first class - The upper deck is business and premium classes


Flies from Melbourne and Sydney to Singapore, London and Los Angeles

Overview of class seating

All classes have access to over 1000 entertainment options. This includes movies, TV shows, games and music. All areas are serviced by self serve bars which have soft drink, hot chocolate, fruit, snack bags and ice creams.

Economy Class

  • Comprised of 332 seats
  • Seats 80K and 80A, 79B, 79C, 79J, 79H, 71D are extra legroom seats and can be purchased
  • All access to entertainment is via a personal remote
  • Seats have won an Australian design award. They are reclinable and the headrest can adjust
  • USB charger for personal devices and the use of a remote to make calls and SMS and control entertainment
  • 110 volt ac power outlet available for each seat
  • 10.6 inch touchscreen
  • Comfort kit provided; this includes a headset, blanket, toothbrush, toothpaste, eyeshades and a pillow

Premium Class

  • Comprised of 32 seats
  • A dedicated flight attendant - receive drinks before takeoff
  • Reclining seats with foot rest and the seats are designed by Marc Newson
  • Features a wide seat with multi adjust head support plus more legroom and more seat pitch
  • Entertainment controller via remote which doubles as an inflight telephone and SMS unit
  • 100 volt av power outlet for each seat to charge personal electronic devices
  • Storage in the back of the seat
  • 10.6 inch touch screen for entertainment
  • Neil Perry inspired menu and premium Australian wines available
  • Comfort kit provided which includes a headset, blanket, toothbrush, toothpaste, eyeshades and pillow

Business Class

  • Comprised of 72 seats, each with a fully flat skybed
  • 99% of all wine in business and first class is Australian produced
  • Electronic privacy provider and storage built into the back of the seat
  • Control comfort and order food and drinks via the set controller
  • Built in seat massager and 12.1 inch touch screen monitor
  • 110 volt AV power outlet for each seat
  • In-seat telephone with SMS receiving functionality
  • Menu designed by Neil Perry which includes a full dinner menu or dine as like options. There are also wine stewards on board to help with picking the right wines
  • Onboard business lounge with a 23 inch presentation screen for business presentations
  • Amenity pack and Peter Morrisy designed pyjamas provided
  • No access to first class lounge but full access to business lounge and domestic lounge

First Class

  • Comprised of 14 seats; each with a fully reclinable and adjustable flat bed.
  • Has a long flat bed which was designed by Marc Newson
  • All food drinks are provided and all dining was designed by Neil Perry
  • Access to entertainment via touch screen suite controller
  • 5 zone massage system in the seats
  • All food is prepared on board and there are 12 mains to chose from
  • 17 inch monitor for entertainment

Integrated storage facility

  • 110 volt AV power outlet and in-seat telephone with SMS receiving functionality
  • Their wine selection has been voted the best at the cellar in the sky awards.
  • Onboard wine stewards can help select the best wines to accompany each meal
  • Complimentary amenities bag - one for men and for women which includes pyjamas

International first class lounge features

  • Spa and treatment rooms
  • Food and drinks provided
  • Library
  • Business Centre
  • Meeting rooms
  • Access to the International First Class Lounge
  • First Class Travellers
  • Platinum members

International Business Lounge Features

  • Wine bar Dining
  • Business Centre
  • Bathrooms with showers

Access to the International Business Lounge

  • Business Class Passengers
  • Platinum, Gold and Qantas club members