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A Long-Weekend in Helsinki

Posted by Vaughan Sexton on May 01, 2007 Add a Comment 0

image.jsp_6.jpg"I went off to London for a weekend. Here's some quick feedback" - Vaughan I did fly to London via Helsinki and Hong Kong using both Cathay and Finnair business class with a quick stop over in Helsinki. Helsinki South Harbour Capital of Finland, boats in one of Helsinki's marinas In Helsinki I stayed at the Sokos Torini a great valued hotel in a central location but I broke the golden rule and failed to take the address with me so it cost me 60.00 Euro to drive to all 7 Sokos hotels till I found the right hotel. Helsinki is a great looking city and easy to get around by walking it has a similar vibe to Prague or Budapest and should be on the 'to do list'....

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Big is Beautiful

Posted by Karsten Horne on Nov 01, 2008 Add a Comment 0

Qantas_A380_First_Class_Suite_bed.jpgAhead of me the giant plane quietly reverses out of the gate, towering over a nearby 747 and seemingly running over the top of a mere 737 that is taxiing ahead. All around the tarmac workers stop and watch in awe, camera phones in hand, it is the first time they have seen the world's largest passenger aircraft. I'm am lucky to be watching the show on a 17" LCD screen, which is taking a direct feed from a camera mounted on the front of the A380's giant tail. Slowly the plane trundles onto the runway, straightens up and takes off at speed but without the usual associated noise that you would expect for such an enormous machine. Minutes later the seatbelt sign goes out as we level off, still staring at my personal screen, I have to pinch myself as I remember that I am actually...

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Malaysia Airlines

Posted by Milly Vujovic on Sep 04, 2009 Add a Comment 0

image.jsp_3.jpgMalaysian Airlines - Milly Vujovic Check in was extremely hassle free and fast. The Malaysian Airlines crew aboard the to Kuala Lumpur were friendly and constantly checking if passengers required any refreshments. Inflight entertainment aboard Malaysian Airlines was very good. The flight departing Melbourne was at 0015 and a snack was offered - chicken roll. Breakfast was served early due to Ramadan. 2 choices were offered, omelette or curry. The return flight from Kuala Lumpur was at 2130 and 2 choices of meals were offered, chicken curry or beef. Breakfast was 4 hours later, which was really just a snack, chocolate muffin - yoghurt and a health bar. On arrival in Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi Customs and...

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A Cynics View of the A380

Posted by Vaughan Sexton on Aug 01, 2010 Add a Comment 0

qantas_a380_airbus.jpgQantas the A380 story I always get it from my friends that we as travels agents spend much of our time away from your desks on lavish junkets being fated and fawned on so to get the story straight I spent the savings from my second job so I could travel on the national airline's pride and joy the A380. CHECK IN To say that the women at the premium check in desk was less than interested was an understatement but my spirits where quickly lifted as she handed me a boarding pass showing an upgrade to Prem economy Sydney - Singapore but in a line from the movie Mean Girls she told me that why should I expect anything more! PREM ECON : SYD/SIN A380 Seating 2-3-2 upstairs behind business class. Great seating with plenty of space in front of...

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Qantas Centre for Excellence

Posted by Emma Hadaway on Mar 02, 2011 Add a Comment 0

A380 - Qantas

Engineering Capacity
  • Holds more passengers than any other commercial airplane
  • It enables more fuel efficiency and is a double decker layout
  • It has 49% more floor space than the world's second biggest airliner, the Boeing 747
  • The lower deck is economy and first class - The upper deck is business and premium classes
Route Flies from Melbourne and Sydney to Singapore, London and Los Angeles Overview of class seating All classes have access to over 1000 entertainment options. This includes movies, TV shows, games and music. All areas are serviced by self serve bars which have soft drink, hot chocolate, fruit, snack bags and ice creams. Economy Class
  • Comprised of 332 seats
  • Seats 80K and 80A, 79B, 79C, 79J, 79H, 71D are extra legroom seats and can be purchased
  • All...

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    Did Vaughan do Dallas?

    Posted by Vaughan Sexton on Jun 01, 2011 Add a Comment 0

    Being an agent I am always on the lookout for what makes the your travel easier for you and with 30% of my clients traveling to the US I decided that I needed to try Qantas newest offering and the city of Dallas . Qantas : CHECK IN : Sydney Do not forget your priority immigration pass as it will help you speed past the lines and into the lounge . The lounge has been improved but not that much that you will go WOW !! just perhaps arhhhhhhh. It was a shame the barrister finished at 12 and the wine selection was on the ordinary side. CHECK IN : Dallas Very easy no crowds easy access to the lounge all was clean and modern . It would be an easy airport to transfer through a very good choice over LAX any time . FLIGHT : SYD/DFW It was nice to be upgraded on the way. The product very ordinary and not a flat bed. Meals service was very ordinary and no options where given as I was one of the last to be feed . The champers did...

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    Kulula Flying 101

    Posted by Karsten Horne on Dec 30, 2011 Add a Comment 0

    "kulula's latest plane design has been a worldwide hit after being seen by plane-spotters en-route to South Africa. Photos of the new livery dubbed "Flying 101" have since been viewed by millions having appeared on some of the world's leading blogs, spurring a frenzy of online comments. All this before it even touched down in South Africa. The design covers the planes exterior in a tongue-in-cheek guide to the various parts of the planes interior, such as the "Mile-high initiation chamber". The plane is just one of a fleet expansion of eight state-of-the-art Boeing 737-800s (each with a unique livery). As these planes will be replacing the 737-400's currently used in kulula's fleet, South Africans can look forward to spotting the new 800's during this year. "The "Flying 101" was conceptualised and designed by kulula's in-house design department. This branding idea is a result of our 2010 strategy to...

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    Air New Zealand - Beds in Economy

    Posted by Karsten Horne on Dec 30, 2011 Add a Comment 0

    image.jsp_2.jpgAir New Zealand - Beds in Economy   Passengers will soon be able to pay extra for one of Air New Zealand's world-first economy class bed-seats but they'll need to share it with their neighbour. The "Skycouch" combines a row of three seats along the window sides of the aircraft, which can be configured into a bed just wide enough for two people lying on their side. Chief executive Rob Fyfe says when the airline takes delivery of its first of eight new Boeing 777-300ER jets in November it will redefine long haul travel and set a benchmark. "For those who choose, the days of sitting in economy and yearning to lie down and sleep are gone," Mr Fyfe said. "The dream is now a reality, one that you can even share with a travelling...

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    V Australia

    Posted by Vaughan Sexton on Dec 30, 2011 Add a Comment 0

    Debbie and Vaughan were lucky enough to be invited to fly on the new V Australia flight from Brisbane to Sydney last week. We were given one seat in business class and one seat in premium class. Here is our feedback and thoughts on the product: Aircraft 777 -300 ER The airline will offer a three class cabin incorporating International Business, International Premium Economy and International Economy. The 360 seat aircraft is the only Boeing 777 to choose a 3-3-3 seating in economy, which are also the widest economy seats to be flying across the Pacific. Economy Class The seating configuration in economy class was 3 X 3 X 3 which we found made a big difference in the amount of legroom and just an overall feeling of having more space. V said that their economy class seats have 1 inch more than Qantas and 2 inches more than United ( this makes a huge difference) Very large screen with an easy to use entertainment system....

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