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Rajasthan Adventure

Posted by Karsten Horne on Dec 01, 2005 Add a Comment 0

image.jsp_2.jpgJust stepped off a camel and still looking for my Jatz crackers - oh well I'm sure they will come back soon! Yesterday we rode out into the desert in a long line, down the main street of Pushkar. It sure looked a lot better from 8 feet in the air; Sheridan loved it, waving down at the kids as she hung on for dear life. After a couple of hours we were right out in the middle of the Rajahstan desert - ok so it wasn't quite the Sahara, in spite of the powerlines and the irrigation channels we did feel like true adventurers. The evening was spent singing songs with the camel boys around the open fire; they were certainly more tuneful than us. Sleeping was fun, all of us slept on the sand, fully dressed and covered in heavy quilts which were certainly needed as...

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On Top of the World / Poetry in Motion

Posted by Karsten Horne on Jan 01, 2006 Add a Comment 0

image.jsp_3.jpgPicture this.... Magnificent blue sky, an amazing view across the world's highest mountain range. I feel I can reach out and touch the dramatic snow capped peaks of Nanda Devi (7816m), Kemet (7756m) and Dunga Giri (7066m). Just to my right is a regiment of the Indian Army Border Patrol in identical jungle green garb all standing in a perfect line, patiently listening to their ski instructor. Just below me is the only other skier on the mountain, Carlos from Goa - at 46 years of age he is attempting to ski for the first time, actually he tells me that before today he had never even seen snow! One last look down the slope, I push off, a nice smooth turn to the left a slide to the right, a smooth straight run and a quick skid as I reach the end of...

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On the road in India

Posted by Karsten Horne on Jan 01, 2006 Add a Comment 0

KH_jaipur.jpgAfter Pushkar it was on to Jaipur for a couple of days, on the journey I had been reading a book called "A Princess remembers" by Gayatari Devi who was the former Maharishi of Jaipur so I had a real feeling for the place before we got there. Jaipur is an old walled city of over 2 million, it is incredibly overcrowded and falling apart at the seams. Gayatari feared that in the future the lack of planning and incredible growth would ruin all the reasons that the tourists come to Jaipur and I think she is right on the money. Jaipur is called the "Pink City" as all the buildings were painted a pinkish orange hue over a hundred years ago when it was deemed to be the best colour to deflect the heat. However Sheridan renamed it "Pig City" after we lost count of the pigs running around. Inside the walls the traffic was so tightly...

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Nepal Unveiled

Posted by Liss Roszak on Aug 01, 2006 Add a Comment 0

image.jsp_4.jpgIn March this year, I was lucky enough to have won a place on a trip to Nepal with Geckos and Thai Airways. Never had I thought that I would travel to Nepal, as I never thought I would be fit enough to trek through the Himalayas. But I surprised even myself! Our first glimpse of the magnificent Himalayas was on our descent into Kathmandu, Nepal's capital. They stand like a defensive line running East to West along the length of Nepal. We even managed to catch a glimpse of the summit of Mt Everest - the worlds tallest mountain standing 8850 metres above sea level. Snow covered year round, they are a spectacular sight not to be missed. We spent a few hours after our arrival in Kathmandu, being hounded by the...

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Indian Tapestry

Posted by Susanna Da Silva on Sep 12, 2009 Add a Comment 0

image.jsp_1.jpg"Incredible India" is the catch word used in the advertising campaign currently being run in Australia. And it is so true!! I could not believe my luck when Wildlife safaris offered an agents famil trip to our office. It was very short notice and I had to rush to organise my visa and travel vaccinations but did not mind at all. I've been to India before - a lifetime ago as a Backpacker on the way to Nepal and the Everest track. It overwhelmed me then and I was keen to find out if anything had changed. We flew on Singapore Airlines from various cities in Australia and met up in Singapore with our hosts from the airline and Wildlife Safaris and carried on to Delhi as a group. Despite the fact that both flights were pretty much fully booked...

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Sri Lanka

Posted by Jo Walsh and Alisa Christensen on Apr 10, 2012 Add a Comment 0

Sri_Lanka_Jo.jpgWhether it be splashing around in ice cold waterfalls on a hot day in the hill country, strolling around picture perfect tea plantations, watching turtles lay their eggs on the beach at night, feeling very small and insignificant watching the magnificent blue whale come up for air from the deep blue, catching a wave on one of Sri Lankas great surf breaks, indulging your body with a Ayurveda steam treatment, feasting on some of the best tasting food in the world or coming up close and personal to a giant elephant, Sri Lanka has got it all! Wanting to start our trip with an insight into Sri Lankas history, we visited two of the ancient cities - both very special sacred spots for Sri Lankans. We first visited the cave temples at Dambulla. A sacred pilgrimage site for 22 centuries, this cave monastery,...

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Maldives - one thing to tick off my wish list!

Posted by Lydia Ozich on Sep 20, 2013 Add a Comment 0

The Maldives have been on my wish list for some time now.  I was very excited that it was finally happening!  Upon arrival, we found out that you definitely can’t bring alcohol into the country, not even in your suitcase, everything is x-rayed.  Our alcohol was confiscated to be returned to us when we flew out. After checking in with the Bandos Island representative, we boarded our speed boat for the transfer to the island.  This only took 10mins thanks to the speeding captain! Check-in was quick too, after our welcome drink upon arrival.  A short golf buggy ride later we arrived at our room.  It looked exactly like the brochure, quite spacious and comfortably air conditioned. Bandos is quite a large island with a variety of accommodation available.   The standard, deluxe and...

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