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Las Vegas / A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling

Posted by Karsten Horne on Jun 27, 2005 Add a Comment 0

KH_vegas.jpgForget the gambling - that is a front, Las Vegas is really all about tattoos. I came to this conclusion early one morning whilst leaning on the bar at Margaritaville at The Flamingo Hotel; just the name conjures up the exotic! Margaritaville is a chain of Caribbean themed bars owned by the ageing country music star Jimmy Buffett. MargaritavilleThe dance floor was a cross section of the characters that are drawn to Vegas. In a dark corner were the dwarves in tank tops with bulging biceps adorned with strong violent themed tats, in spite of their stature they still looked scary. Nearby was a cowboy dirty dancing with a tight-bodied young blonde sporting fake breasts and a giant tattoo that looked like a Meatloaf album cover, which appeared to disappear below an already low waistline. There was the middle-aged man in...

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Big Time in Whistler

Posted by Karsten Horne on Mar 27, 2008 Add a Comment 0

KH_whistler.jpgI look down at my brand new Burton snowboard the bright yellow swirling graphics shining, almost daring me to cause the first inevitable blemish. The revolutionary EST bindings, with leather toecaps look like mini Ferraris lined up on the starting grid, except the front one is on a funny angle! I look up and way off in the distance I see Blackcomb Peak, still another couple of lift rides and a T-bar away. On the chair ahead of me are my skiing buddies excitedly chatting away, being the only boarder I'm alone on the lift as we are considered a danger to inexperienced skiers but you know I don't care I've got my ipod and it's playing one of my favourite songs Big Time by country rockers Big and Rich. Just don't tell the boarders on the chair behind me with their pants hanging halfway down their arse; they would assume...

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Hawaii of Course

Posted by Lydia Ozich on Sep 27, 2008 Add a Comment 0

LO_hawaii.jpgMagnificent margaritas & sensational sunsets!! Where am I? Hawaii of course.. It's been 8 years since I lasted spent a few days on Oahu, so I was wondering if it had changed in that time. Well, to say yes is an understatement!! The streets have had a major facelift and the ongoing redevelopment is massive. Even Donald Trump is building some apartments. The shopping is incredible - all the labels are there.. Versace, Gucci, Prada, Tiffanys. The Ala Moana Shopping Centre is also just a short trolley ride away, $2 one-way and twenty minutes later you have all the designer labels, plus department stores at your feet. There is also a factory outlet on offer about one hour from the city. Great value!! We opted for a relaxing holiday this time and so did not take up the activities on offer. However, there are loads...

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It's all about New York

Posted by Ria Hilderink on Sep 19, 2009 Add a Comment 0

ria_newyork.jpgNew York was never really high on my list of visits. But it certainly is high on the list of places I want to go back to.  I spent four days in New York and that certainly is not enough. New York is such an easy place to get around; it is a safe place. I had no hesitation in taking the subway. You have to experience the subway! I stayed in a lovely boutique hotel called Carvi Hotel which is in an excellent location. There is no restaurant at the hotel, but who wants to eat at the hotel anyway, with so many wonderful delis and salad bars and restaurants nearby. Of course I went to the famous Carnegie Deli to have a pastrami sandwich. I could barely see over it. Absolutely delicious. It is an experience to go...

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Posted by Allison Wood on Dec 31, 2010 Add a Comment 0

Maui.jpgSYDNEY-HONOLULU-MAUI With not many options of airlines flying to Hawaii we choose Hawaiian Airlines as they had 5 services a week, compared to only a couple with Qantas and Jetstar. This will change to daily services from Dec 2011. They fly a 767 aircraft, which although not brand new, was clean and well kept. There are no in seat video screens, so you can either hire a 'digi player' USD15.00, or watch selected movies on the big screen that is pulled down after the meal service. A 9.30pm departure from Sydney means a daytime arrival in Honolulu, ideal for connecting to other islands. Dinner is served soon after take-off, with complimentary drinks from the bar. The meals were fine, nothing to rave or complain about. The children enjoyed their kids' meals that were serviced before the other passengers. Snacks were...

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Aloha Hawaii

Posted by Hayley Thomas on Apr 01, 2011 Add a Comment 0

sheraton_moana_surfrider.jpgIt's been 7 years since my last trip to Hawaii. I enjoyed it the first time but absolutely loved it this time! I accompanied 30 incredible neurologists to a conference being held in Waikiki April this year. Reho was involved in the flight bookings, accommodation, transfers and on the ground support for the group. To get to Hawaii there are 4 airlines from Australia. Jetstar, Qantas and Hawaiian Airlines are all direct from Sydney and Air New Zealand via Auckland. Business Class Jetstar - Star Class which is a slightly reclining seat Qantas - This aircraft is the oldest in their fleet and is also only a reclining seat Hawaiian - Reclining seat, digi player is included Air New Zealand via Auckland has a flat bed...

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Dreaming of Canada

Posted by Lisa Rogers on Mar 19, 2012 Add a Comment 0

Whistler_Lisa.jpgEver since I found out I was being sent to Canada I felt like I was in a dream. This feeling didn't change when we landed in Vancouver. Canada is a place I've always wanted to visit, Vancouver and Whistler especially. Our group were all travel agents and we were being hosted by Skimax, Travelscene and Air New Zealand who through the whole trip treated us like royalty. Skimax really know how to plan a ski holiday and I would highly recommend them in planning any future overseas ski trips, they think of everything. Air New Zealand is a great way to get to Vancouver with only one stop in Auckland. The inflight service was amazing! Every time I fly with Air New Zealand their standard is always high and the inflight crew will do anything they can to meet your needs. We flew economy class. There was...

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Educational Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas

Posted by Hisako Seo on Jul 20, 2012 Add a Comment 0

I was given the opportunity to travel with Qantas to Dallas Fort Worth Texas. Airline: I made my way to the Qantas Economy check in counter - waiting and soon enough I was given a boarding pass with seat number 7B - LUCKY 7 ? Suddenly the 15 hours 20 minutes journey didn't seem that bad at all. On board QF7 I was given a little comfort pack which included the QF pajama set. Before long majority of passengers on board were walking around in their grey pajamas. Very comfortable but if you are short you may need to BYO. The only negative I thought was the bathrooms. They were very small - same size as Economy and the cleanliness was a bit of a problem. My return journey was from LAX-Sydney on QF012. Check-In went very smoothly and again I was upgraded to business. I imagined the security would be a nightmare but to my surprise they had an express line for business class passengers. Before long I was on my way to the lounge. I have always been told...

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Hawaii - North Shore and Fish Tacos

Posted by Lydia Ozich on Jul 27, 2012 Add a Comment 0

_MG_49302.jpgI chose Hawaii as my holiday destination this year. I was guaranteed warm weather and the Aussie dollar was doing great. My only concern was, would my 3rd time there be my downfall. Could it be 3 strikes and I'm out?   I flew Qantas via Sydney. While the service and meals were good on all flights, you do need to know this is an old plane. There are no screens in the back of the seats, just at the front of each cabin showing the same movie! Music selection was also quite poor. Qantas club is small in Honolulu, but it was modern and clean. The flight ex Honolulu was delayed by over an hour, but we arrived into Sydney just 15mins late. We booked airport transfers with VIP transport. Their service was a bit hit and miss. Upon arrival they seemed to be very slow and disorganised. The vehicle was old and the...

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Hawaii - Weddings, Relaxing...Anything!

Posted by Kirsty Carleton on Dec 04, 2012 Add a Comment 0

Outrigger_Views.jpgWell the day finally arrived. After a year of researching, organising, planning and countless emails sent, I was embarking on an unforgettable two week trip to Hawaii with all of my close family and friends to get married! We flew on Hawaiian Airlines and I must say the new A330 planes were much nicer to fly on then their older aircraft I flew on five years ago. It was a 2-4-2 configuration with seat back entertainment (albeit you had to pay for movies) and a USB connection (which I always think is handy). The 9.20pm departure out of Sydney was great as I was quite tired and ready to sleep within a couple of hours of being in the air. The airline crew were very friendly always offering water and they took special care of my bridal gown in transit. I had only two issues with Hawaiian, they do not...

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Our Hawaiian Honeymoon

Posted by Hisako Russo on Jan 15, 2013 Add a Comment 0

After a year of planning our wedding and getting married on the 12th of January, my husband and I were in need of a long honeymoon. We decided to go to Hawaiian! Our holiday criteria were 1. Shopping (for me) 2. Good Food 3. Good snorkelling 4. Plenty of activies 6. Affordable (we were after a LONG break not few nights in Tahiti laying around like whales) so Hawaii was the best option for ussmiley 5. Most importantly, somewhere tropical We flew Jetstar on the way over and Hawaiian on the return. Good idea to book Hawaiian on the return as they offer 2 x checked baggage per person and meals are included. Both I would...

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