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31 Jan 2015

No Huggies in the Medina?

The Riad I'm here looking down on thousands of roof tops, all joined together by brownish grey walls dating back over a thousand years. The only evidence of change in that time is the sea of tiny satellite dishes that are perched proudly like sea gulls into a storm all facing the same...

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Pacific & New Zealand

30 Jan 2015

Cruising the Big Blue Sea

They say “You won’t get bored on board” and that is spot on! When Carnival...

South America

28 Jan 2015

I left my heart in Machu Picchu

Winning any prize is wonderful and when the prize is a trip it’s even better, however...


24 Jan 2015

Last but not Leste

An epic mountain bike race through the wilds of East Timor Sore Nuts The pain in my...


15 Jan 2015

By gondola or bike?

Venice or Amsterdam? After much discussion, I managed to convince my husband we should do both!...

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