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The Temples of Cambodia

Posted by Alisa Christensen on Jun 01, 2004 Add a Comment 0

AC_cambodia.jpgI have been fortunate to travel for 9 months of the past 2 years. I have found the more I have experienced the fussier I am getting about the next place I want to travel to. When you discover the history, culture and cuisine of one place - it's hard to have all your expectations fulfilled when you venture to another place. The one country for me that has exceeded my expectations so far is Cambodia; it had a feel to it like no other place. Cambodia2My time was limited to only 4 nights in Cambodia so I based my self in Siem Reap. From the moment I stepped off the plane to driving into the main town - my mind was already made up that I would extend my stay. I was immediately drawn to the peacefulness that the Khmer people portrayed and the simple lifestyle that these people so happily lived. It's an amazing...

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Hiking on The Great Wall

Posted by Alisa Christensen on Jun 01, 2006 Add a Comment 0

AC_china.jpgChina not being high on my list of places to visit left me with little expectations. This I have learnt is always a good thing when travelling as it doesn't create room for disappointment and allows you to see things just as they are.. My time in China was limited as this trip was part of a charity challenge. A charity challenge is a project where anyone can become a charity worker if you raise up to a certain amount of money towards a charity organization you are eligible to be part of a trip with Intrepid. Usually my ideal way to travel is to experience places and people at my own accord, without time constraints and limited photo opportunities as well as not being able to stop and stay at a place if it captivates you. Intrepid ran this trip for 18 charity workers where it incorporated highlights of...

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Laos a Hidden Secret

Posted by Kathleen Lees on Sep 02, 2006 Add a Comment 0

kath_laos.jpgThere was a bit of a bad news/good news start to this trip..... Firstly the bad news.... On the morning of the day I was to fly to Bangkok to join the group, I received a call from Thai Airways advising my flight was over booked, and I had been one of the people "bumped" off the flight. They had moved me to the afternoon flight the following day so I'd arrive 12 hours later into Bangkok. Then the good news... When I checked in for my flight the next day I'd been upgraded to Business Class. Even better news it was one of Thai's new aircraft so I got to try out their sleeper beds. The beds were great and Thai's inflight service was excellent. Day 1 I finally arrived into Bangkok and checked into the New World Lodge. The hotel is fairly basic but clean and in a great position, close to Khao San...

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The Tranquility of Chiang Mai

Posted by Lydia Ozich on Mar 11, 2007 Add a Comment 0

image.jsp_6.jpgBangkok is still very steamy, traffic is chaotic and yet it's also very organised! The taxis are spotless, the drivers sit waiting calmly and no amount of congestion seems to change that! Airport to downtown took about 45mins, but our driver wasn't in a rush. The return only took 25mins. The Hotel Grand Mercure Park Avenue is a smaller, boutique hotel. Rooms are small, but not tiny! The hotel is located about a 10min walk from the MRT and about a 10min taxi drive to Mahboonkrong (MBK) Centre. This shopping centre is something to behold! Fully air-conditioned and a market feel without the Bangkok heat! Hundreds of different stores (Sundays are the busiest day) and a fantastic food court with every cuisine imaginable! Our highlight in...

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A Quick Weekend in Hong Kong

Posted by Susanna da Silva on May 24, 2007 Add a Comment 0

Night_Skyline_HK.jpgI have been to Hong Kong before on a very quick educational trip with plenty of hotel inspections crammed into our itinerary and practically no free time to us but it still left quite an impression with me. The Harbour is simply spectacular and in my opinion even more impressive than my local stomping ground - Sydney Harbour. So when the opportunity arose and I was offered a ticket to Hong Kong flying Cathay Pacific to trial their product I jumped at it. This was going to be my opportunity to have a good look at the city and get to know it much better. Unfortunately it was going to be another short trip leaving Thursday night and returning on the Sunday morning flight. However I was determined to cram in as much as possible into my brief visit. After a busy day at the office I was lucky enough to get a lift...

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Bangkok - Capital of the Land of Smiles

Posted by Susanna da Silva on Sep 01, 2007 Add a Comment 0

image.jsp_5.jpgSome people don't like Bangkok and dismiss it as too big, too chaotic and just to much in general but I've loved this glorious city ever since I've visited it first about 20 years ago and stayed at the famous Khao San road with all the other backpackers. Now this most recent trip was something different all together. Thai Airways in conjunction with Starwood Hotels organised this fabulous corporate educational and I was the lucky person from our office attending it. Our small group of agents met at the Thai Service desk on Friday afternoon, where we were warmly welcomed by our Thai Airways representative and checked in efficiently. We did not have much time to spare before our flight left but managed a quick glimpse of the Air New Zealand business class lounge, which...

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The Hunt for A Grade in Hong Kong

Posted by Hayley Thomas on Nov 03, 2007 Add a Comment 0

HT_hkg.jpgIt was the first time in Hong Kong for Maria and I, so we had very high expectations on the shopping, we had 3 days so very limited time to do as much shopping and sightseeing as possible..... We flew out on QF187 @ 1500 flight with Qantas from Sydney to Hong Kong, this flight is actualy one of QF's older aircraft 767, so no screens in the back of the seats to keep you entertained. It's funny how quickly we get used to the new aircraft, so I'm very good at saduko now cause our screen wasn't working. But the service was great and the seating configuration 2 4 2 is good. I joined Qantas Club and I must say for frequent travellers this is great, I'm really impressed and glad that I decided to do this. Whats included in your membership; - Priority baggage handling & allowances (needed for all my...

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All at Sea in China

Posted by Lydia Ozich on Apr 01, 2008 Add a Comment 0

lydia_china.jpgCATHAY PACIFIC The Business Class seats from Hong Kong to Melbourne were very nice! This was a new aircraft with each business class "compartment" facing the aisle. Very much like Virgin Atlantic. Although I found the comparment very narrow, the seat and foot rest do lie fully flat. The leg rest is separate to your seat which is great as you can put your feet up while taking off and landing. The food, service and entertainment options were first class! I wish the flight was longer so I could sample some more of the amazing flavours! HONG KONG Beautiful skyscrapers, diverse weather and stunning by night! Our private car transfer took 30mins at 6am. (The train takes 24mins to the Harbour City stop in Kowloon). We stayed at the Eaton Hotel which is situated half way between Harbour City and Mongkok along Nathan...

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Thailand on a Budget

Posted by Kathleen Lees on Apr 24, 2008 Add a Comment 0

image.jsp_4.jpgThe budget was tight but Phuket's beaches were calling, and seeing as the flight went via Bangkok how could I resist a couple of nights stopover there as well. So the challenge began..... Could I get a reasonably priced airfare with a full service airline? Could I get six nights in Phuket and two in Bangkok for less than $500 in semi decent hotels that are close to everything and with a pool? The answer to these questions was yes. I managed to book far enough ahead to get good airfares with Thai Airways. I was very impressed with the economy class cabin on their 777 aircraft. Their service was excellent, there's decent legroom and in seat video on demand which can be paused and fast-forwarded. Thai offer online...

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Diary from China

Posted by Jo Walsh on Jun 29, 2008 Add a Comment 0

china.jpgSunday 29th June Beijing Arriving into the flashy new terminal we peered out of the plane windows at the grey sky beyond. You could be fooled into thinking it was a grey cloudy winters day in Melbourne- but stepping outside the plane we were smacked in the face by the stifling heat and mugginess- not like Melbourne at all! The first thing I noticed that went against the stereotypes, (that I couldn't help but bring with me), was the lack of people! I was expecting crowds of people everywhere walking with millimetres between them but to my surprise it really hasn't been like that- not where we've been in - busy yes - but no more busy than Melbourne city during the week - except you have the danger of getting run over by the zillion bikes rushing past...

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Tiananmen Square

Posted by Karsten Horne on Nov 01, 2008 Add a Comment 0

KH_china.jpgTiananmen Square, just the name alone demands reverence! This was where Mao Zedong declared the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949 in front of over 1 million of his faithful; this was also where pro-democracy students protested in 1989 - images of which were broadcast across the world. This is where every tourist who visits Beijing makes a pilgrimage, we were here a few days ago as well, faithfully following the red and white flag held up by our tour guide careful not to lose him amongst the crowds of tourists all walking the same well worn route from Mao's Mausoleum north through to the Forbidden City. However today was different, for a start it was just after 6am was around zero degrees, an eerie fog hung over the square and there was not a tourist in sight. Every morning at dawn, tens of thousands of...

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Mystery and Intrigue Surrounding Myanmar

Posted by Jo Walsh and Alisa Christensen on Mar 06, 2010 Add a Comment 0

image.jsp.jpg'Where'? 'Is that safe to go there'? 'Is that near India?' 'Why do you want to go there?' were the responses I got when telling people that Alisa and I were going to Myanmar (Burma) for our holidays. There is certainly a lot of mystery and intrigue surrounding Myanmar- and any traveller thinking of going there is faced with the personal dilemma of ' Should you or shouldn't you go?' There are those that say that visiting Myanmar is 'condoning the regime', whereas others insist that isolation only strengthens the government's position. Do the dollars that tourists spend help directly fuel government repression or does boycotting the country only put off possible good changes that otherwise wouldn't happen? It's a difficult decision to make but one that we...

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Posted by Erin Berry on Jul 13, 2010 Add a Comment 0

erin_cambodia.jpg This hotel was definitely my favourite place that I have ever stayed, from the style of the hotel to the wonderful staff; there was nothing I could fault during my time there. It was definitely everything you would imagine a 5 Star to be. As soon as we walked in the door I knew that I wasn't going to want to leave there anytime soon. The staff at Hotel De La Paix arranged a private airport transfer for my companion and I. We were greeted at the airport by a very friendly member of staff from the Hotel De La Paix and had refreshing chilled face towels and bottles of water waiting for us in the car. We arrived at the hotel and were greeted by the friendly doormen who opened the door for us and offered a refreshing chilled towel with a lovely lemongrass fragrance. This happened every time we...

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Highlights of Vietnam

Posted by Karen Cavu on Jul 18, 2010 Add a Comment 0

Vietnam_Karen.jpgIt's a long time since I've done (or wanted to do) a group tour. That said, I can't imagine a better introduction to Vietnam than the Travel Indochina trip I took in May this year. I'm a huge fan of direct flights wherever possible, but I admit I was a little unsure about travelling with Vietnam Airlines. I needn't have worried - the staff were fabulous, the food was good, (ok the seats were a little small but welcome to everybody's economy experience!) but business class is unbelievable value. To travel direct from Melbourne to Saigon in business class for less than $3000 is a great opportunity to visit a fascinating country in comfort! I spent three nights in Saigon - it was my second visit in 3 months so I'll skip most of the details, except to say that finding great food and a good place to...

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A Brief Affair with Vietnam

Posted by Susanna da Silva on Jul 18, 2010 Add a Comment 0

susanna_vietnam.jpgI have travelled widely throughout South East Asia but never made it to Vietnam. So when an invitation arrived at our office to join a "famil trip" sponsored by Adventure World and Vietnam Airlines I was truly delighted. Finally I was given the opportunity to experience this amazing country. I was told the people were tiny (true - the average height is 152 cm for females and 162 for males) friendly & hospitable (also true) but that the nation still bore scars from the war thirty five years later (unfortunately true as well). We started our trip with a four hour delay at Sydney Airport. We were supposed to leave at 10:15 but departed at 14:00. Since I had arrived at the airport at 8am I got a bit tired of it. Sydney Airport is not that interesting!!! It gave me an opportunity to meet the rest of the...

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Winter Weekend in Beijing

Posted by Lydia Ozich on Feb 01, 2011 Add a Comment 0

lydia_beijing.jpgIt was with great pleasure that I accepted an invitation from Singapore Airlines to travel to Beijing. Having never been there before and not flying with Singapore Airlines for over 10 years, I was looking forward to the experience! We were lucky to be upgraded to Business Class with Singapore Airlines and these were all great flights! From the lie flat beds, great entertainment selection and amazing food & service. Each seat is very private and does not lean into the next rows space. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Singapore Airlines. The flight times we had worked in great with Beijing as we missed peak hour traffic! The Krisflyer lounge at Changi Airport is large and well run with many different areas to sit and relax. One corner is conducive to sleeping where they turn out the lights at night and wake you when...

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Hong Kong

Posted by Milly Vujovic on Apr 14, 2012 Add a Comment 0

hongkong_harbour.jpg Qantas check in Melbourne Airport was extremely hassle free and friendly. Check in staff were keen to give tips for Hong Kong including sightseeing and shopping.This was also put in writing. I was fortunate enough to have time in the Qantas lounge which was enjoyable. Buffet lunch was on at the time with a selection of hot and cold foods. The crew aboard Qantas were extremely friendly, professional and service was impeccable. There was a massive selection of movies, show and games on demand. On arrival in Hong Kong our luggage was delayed due to lightning. We decided on a taxi to the hotel at HK365 as this was to the door. Should we had taken the train from the airport the cost is HK90 then a taxi from Kowloon station. There also is a shuttle service at HK130. Accommodation was...

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Bangkok and Cambodia

Posted by Hayley Thomas on May 15, 2012 Add a Comment 0

m_album2729_1343952439_Angkor_Wat_Sunrise.jpgSame, same but VERY different- By Hayley Thomas Its not often I am lucky enough to be up the front of the plane, however this occasion I was flying Emirates Business class to Bangkok. Due to traffic I was running extremely late. Before leaving the office I checked in online which meant I was fine to arrive 90 minutes prior to arrival for a bag drop. On the way to the airport and looking at my watch I worked out how I could just take hand luggage and arrive 60 minutes prior to my flight if the traffic did not improve. Luckily I made it with 90 minutes to spare, with my suitcase and in need of a refreshment at the Emirates business class lounge. With Verve Clicqout from the bar and a wide variety of hot & cold meals to choose from, I was able to...

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My Cambodian dream trip

Posted by Claire Griffin on Nov 05, 2012 Add a Comment 0

Rainbow.jpgWhen thinking of my first solo trip away, Cambodia was not really on my list. I love it when the things you least expect to be amazing, turn out to leave you with the most wonderful memories. I arrived in Siem Reap on a Sunday afternoon, dropped my bags at the boutique Viroth's Hotel and then jumped straight into a tuktuk to visit the Imagine Cambodia Foundation. The foundation was set up to provide sustainable financial, medical, emotional and educational assistance directly to impoverished, handicapped and abandoned Cambodian children. The children where a little shy to start with, but as soon as we started walking around the grounds they came out of their shells and were the most delightful kids. They wanted to practise their English skills so they all crowded around the word search and colouring books I had brought...

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