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28 Mar 2015

Around the world in 10 days

I’ve just come back from travelling around the world on a tight itinerary in only 10 days. In that time I flew in 4 different classes on 6 flights, 4 trains, 3 buses, stayed in 5 hotels and entered 6 lounges. Here is a brief summary:- Etihad - First Class Melbourne/Abu Dhabi - 777...

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North America

17 Mar 2015

Seattle, Whistler & Vancouver

I have just spent six incredible days in Seattle, Whistler and Vancouver staying at...


14 Feb 2015

An old man in Malawi

Alick Masaya Banda is a second year university student at the University of Malawi, Mzuzu...


14 Feb 2015

Hope in the Delta

Botswana is all about the Okavango Delta , unless of course you are talking about the rest...


14 Feb 2015

Just another death in Africa

The lion wearily got to her feet, stretched her powerful limbs and shook her head lightly to...

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