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28 Feb 2017

We did Japan alphabetically

Alcohol Everywhere you go, you will find alcohol for sale 24/7, hot, cold, on the street,...

South America

23 Dec 2016

Colombia – It’s not what you think.

Last week I had the honour of speaking at an incredible conference called

Polar Regions

01 Feb 2016

Falklands – an island fascination

I wake up to the tinny sound of a nearby radio, the rumble of buses, the screeching of brakes...

Polar Regions

19 Jan 2016

A hero on the ice

The ship was creaking heavily; I could feel the constant pressure of the ice against her hull,...


06 Oct 2015

Nobody is famous in Timor

So I’m kicking back, legs stretched out on the couch, enjoying a huge protein rich breakfast...

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