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12 Feb 2018

Umuganda Rwanda

We roll out of Team Africa Rising Headquarters on our Scott Spark mountain bikes, narrowly avoiding a lady carrying firewood on her head. She is dressed in a vibrant umushanana, which consists of a long skirt with a sash across her shoulder, the striking orange and aqua blue contrasting...

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22 Jan 2018

Amaseganalehu Ethiopia

A young boy, barefoot in an old Arsenal shirt and grubby, dusty shorts stands with his goat....


11 Dec 2017

Race Around Hong Kong

Lydia and I were lucky enough to win a Race Around Hong Kong trip hosted by Qantas and the...


13 Nov 2017

Kampuchea - you took my breath away

My first educational trip with Reho! You can imagine how excited I was to head to Cambodia...

North America

06 Nov 2017

Halloween Horror & Cabo Beaches

I’d been given the very exciting news that I was to attend the “Helloworld Halloween Fiesta –...

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